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Once a weapon wielded by a unscrupulous pamphleteer, PoliticsNY.net has been a colorful part of New York's political news landscape for over a decade. At times insightful, then insulting, then outrageous, then insightful again, the publication kept political insiders - and those curious about those insiders - reading every day. In its heyday, thousands of New Yorkers were visiting the Web site every day for a view of politics from a Western New York perspective.

Purchased by new management in 2012, PoliticsNY relaunched with a brand new Web site in January 2013. The new writers and other political observers running the site are committed to keeping the news portal interesting - alive with breaking news stories from major media organizations blended with commentary outside the mainstream.

PoliticsNY.net writers will analyze political events and bring you news you won't find anywhere else. Guest columns from public officials will update readers on current events. And, to keep the tabloid pulse longtime readers have come to enjoy, a new column of crowd-sourced gossip oozing from the halls of government: "Rumor & Innuendo." Don't believe a word of it.

If you have a news tip, wish to write for PoliticsNY.net, a complaint, or other input, please contact us at Publisher@politicsny.net.

Michael R. Caputo, Publisher and Columnist
Michael Caputo is an itinerant writer and Republican political operative from Buffalo, New York. A graduate of Hamburg High School, he served in the US Army's 25th Infantry and majored in Journalism at SUNY Buffalo. He worked as a writer for the late Jack Kemp, a press aide to Congress, a media advisor to George HW Bush, an election consultant to Russian President Boris Yeltsin's Kremlin, and on dozens of high profile election campaigns. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times, Pravda, and more. mc@politicsny.net

Oscar Folsom, Editor, Rumor & Innuendo
Oscar Folsom has worked inside local, city, county, and state government offices and he knows where all the bodies are buried. You can too - read Rumor & Innuendo!

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