Lies, Lies, Lies - Yeah Will The Gun Lies Die with Obama's Gun Bill? By Jonn Lilyea

The President, yesterday, after being handed a defeat in the Senate in regards to the gun control bill, surrounded by families of the victims of Sandy Hook who had been staying in Washington the entire week at your expense, said that yesterday was "a pretty shameful day in Washington." I'd say it was the last day of a pretty shameful several months.

The President claimed that people were swayed in the "national discussion" by lies. I'd respond that the American people weren't swayed by lies.

Early in the discussion, we had the Los Angeles Police Department parading around inert fiberglass tubes that they had bought in a gun buy back program proclaiming that America was safer because they'd removed "RPGs" off the street, when all they had really done is get scammed by someone to buy trash.

The Chicago Tribune compounded that lie by trying to scare their readers by telling them that AR15 rifles could readily accept grenade launchers on the sling swivel. No one is buying grenade launchers, there are not "bloopers" flying around our streets. Who has been killed by grenade launchers? The President said outloud to contributors that Adam Lanza used a "fully automatic" in Sandy Hook, which is absolutely false.

Then there was that idiot, Congresswoman Dianne DeGette, who we're told is one of the Congressional experts on magazines, who doesn't even know what magazines are or what they do. Robin Kelly, running for Jesse Jackson, Junior's recently vacated seat in Congress, told us that concealed carry didn't help the people in that Aurora theater - you know the "gun free zone."

VoteVets was telling us that criminals can buy AR-style rifles with "no questions asked" without the current gun control legislation that was defeated yesterday. That's absolutely false.

Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, after buying his own semi-automatic pistol, decided to buy an AR-style, supposedly to see how hard it is to buy one, but he already knew how hard it is to buy one, because he'd just bought a handgun - a semi-automatic handgun of the same type which had wounded his wife. But he was trying to demonize a rifle. And then he was denied the ownership of the rifle because the gun dealer had determined that he was going to be a straw purchaser - you know, as a gatekeeper to gun ownership like he's supposed to be.

Then we've got Joe Biden telling women to buy a shotgun because it's easier to shoot than a rifle. And telling them to just fire their shotgun off periodically to scare away criminals. Biden also admitted that no new gun grabbing regulation would change anything in the country but that we had to do something, anything, and do it now.

And a newspaper in New York State publishes the names and addresses of legal gun owners in their county, as if they are criminals of some sort.

The administration said over and over again how their new regulations wouldn't lead to a national registry, but Chuck Schumer admitted in public that national registration was his ultimate goal and that background checks would lead to that. So, after all of the lies we were told over the last several months, who the Hell is going to believe anything this administration and Congress tell us?

No, the NRA didn't defeat this bill, it was the morons who were chosen to get out in front of the "national discussion," which wasn't a discussion at all. It was a huge propaganda campaign - that had confiscation at the end of it.

I'll admit that I liked the part of the bill that allowed CCW permit holders to avoid background checks, and I liked the part about veterans getting some protections from the bureaucrats at the VA, but those were camouflage for an odious bill, and the Senate did the right thing.

By the way, Feinstein's "assault weapon ban" went down in a 40-60 vote defeat. But, that won't stop them from trying to revive it the next time something happens like Sandy Hook with some more victims to be paraded in front of cameras for more knee-jerk legislation.

Carey sends us the 12 Finest Examples Of Left-Wing Frustration After The Senate Voted Against Gun Control. Crybabies, it's their own fault.

Jonn Lilyea is a milblogger and one of three Army infantry combat veterans behind - the best damn military blog out there.

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