The Friday Five One Helluva Week Edition By Peter Herr

I'm not even sure where to begin in what was the crappiest week in a long time. So much to say, all if it strangely inter-related in a way. One thing is for certain....a little less snark this week. This week, my heart is heavy.

1. Boston Marathon Bombing

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said. This shows the worst of humanity. It is also an illustration of how people in other countries live every single day of their lives. We're a target now. Strange world that we live in where people think the solution is to kill people, mostly innocent people, over a god, or an ideology, or the anger over some perceived wrong doing. What I would like to comment on is the horrific news coverage. Real-time news and connectivity coupled with the trend towards commentary has destroyed any real news reporting anymore. Everyone is so consumed with being first that being correct no longer matters. We watched it play out in Sandy Hook and then again on Monday, where bad information spreads like a wild fire as people retweet wrong information, and the anger and passion consumes the people who swallow the lies hook, line and sinker. It is probably the saddest part of the new and connected world in which we live. The truth doesn't matter anymore. At least when the heavy lifting on news delivery was the local 6 and 11 pm broadcasts and the morning and afternoon editions of the newspaper, the journalists and editors had some time in between to get it right. That is no longer the goal. Get it first, screw accuracy.

2. Filibustering For Guns

91% of Americans surveyed agreed, that a better system of background checks is a good start to curbing gun violence. And yet, the NRA, who supported this same idea after Columbine worked with 46 Senators to kill this legislation as dead as those kids in Sandy Hook. Alan Bedenko at Artvoice, wrote a much better piece on it than I will. So go read his. The best part, in my mind is former Congresswoman and victim of senseless gun violence, Gabrielle Gifford's quote at the end. Read it. Our Congress is irreparably broken. When time after time they can ignore the will of the people, who they profess to serve, the system is broken. Money plays to big a role, and the gerrymandering of seats so that incumbents are safe for as long as they like, there is no repercussions for the officials. It is driving more people away from participating in politics...which suits them just fine. Less chance of them losing their seats.

3. States Don't Need No Steenking United

The Missouri House voted to nullify all gun laws past, present or future, by an overwhelming majority. They aren't the first. Across the country, states are changing their Constitutions to enshrine laws concerning abortion, gay marriage, and now guns. I repeat....They are changing their Constitutions. Essentially, these are all just challenges to the Federal government, and I imagine a good chunk of them will end up before the US Supreme Court. And the big question I have. The nauseating question that actually keeps me up at night.....what happens in either case when the Supreme Court upholds these laws, or more importantly, when the Supreme Court strikes them down. I'm not sure when the "United" was removed from our country's name, but certainly since the Kenyasocialistamuslimyusurper was elected, the "united" has disappeared more. Perhaps, it's time to start watching more "House Hunters International".

4. The King Has Entered The Building...The Jail Building

I can't even begin to wrap my head around this one. Letters tainted with the deadly poison Ricin were intercepted as they made their way towards President Obama, a US Senator and a Judge. What makes the case all the more bizarre....the bad guy was an Elvis impersonator. There's a joke in there somewhere. I just don't have it in me this week to dig for it.

5. Queen of Beers?

Needed to finish on a positive note or finish typing and then jump off a bridge. Here's a cool fact: At one point, our own Albany, NY was second IN THE WORLD, only to London in beer production capacity.

Bad week. Let's hope for the best next week....forget hope. Let's make it happen.

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