The Friday Five Draft Weekend Edition By Peter Herr

This week's edition falls on the week of the NFL draft. The draft is like magic, making millionaires before our very eyes. So, we'll follow a draft format as we make our way through the Friday Five....the best stories picked first.

Pick 1 - The Economy in need of an overall boost in play picks Doritos Locos Tacos with first overall pick.

No doubt the economy has to pick some strong players in this draft in order to put up better numbers. With a lackluster performance over the past couple of years they need some spice in the lineup. With the number one pick overall, Team Economy picks Taco Bell's Doritios Locos Tacos. According to Taco Bell, the addition of Doritios Locos Tacos to their menu has brought 15,000 new jobs. When a player puts up numbers like that, how can you not make them a first rounder. Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Pick 2 - The Albany Republicans trying to shine their image, choose Recall Confusion with pick number 2

In an attempt to spit shine the team image and improve defensive play, team captain Assemblyman Tedisco called a team huddle and chose a bill addressing election recalls. Unfortunately, the playbook on this mess is a bit confusing with one page contradicting another. The trouble with these picks, is that sometimes they backfire. If Team Republican is thinking that they will be able to put Recall on the Democrats star player Governor Cuomo with the new law, that's an awful lot of autographs to get for an recall election (at taxpayer's expense) for a governor that is still pretty popular, despite their desperate belief to the contrary.

Pick 3 - With the third pick overall, anyone who's not rich picks low donation campaign reform

This game plan is working in Connecticut, so why can't it work in New York's scheme? In a state full of high dollar donors and special interests hoping to influence lawmakers, this low budget game plan might be exactly with the "Buy Me" state needs to turn their season around. Team Quarterback Cuomo is looking for something new, this might be just the ticket.

Pick 4 - Looking for a huge impact on offense, the Global Hackers choose Twitter with the 4th pick

The game film was clear. One quick play sent the stock market into a quick tizzy. When the Associated Press @AP, account was hacked and a tweet was sent about a successful bombing at the White House, the market reacted quickly and negatively. This article shows other instances where Twitter busted through the Stock Market's defenses and caused mayhem. Even though the Stock Market knows what's coming, the old Twitter Hackeroo play works every time. Sort of like a short screen play on the Buffalo Bills.

Pick 5 - In the most predictable way, with his first pick, Congressman Chris Collins picks Same Old Crap

Congressman Chris Collins, clearly not looking to make a splash with his first piece of legislation, chooses to make his first play a Repeal Obamacare bill. While it has a couple of itty bitty little twists in it, the bill has as much chance of advancing as the Buffalo Sabres do of winning the Stanley Cup this year. Sadly for Collins, he showed that his playbook is as imaginative as former Bill's head coach, Chan Gailey's. Anyone who's ever watched Collins play is only wondering what took so long to run this tired old play. Looking forward to more of the same out Congressman Collins. Remember when Collins was a surprise a minute, like the time he attended the Democrats breakfast. Now that was razzle dazzle.

In honor of the draft, a quick note of memorial to long-time Buffalo Sports Writer, Larry Felser, who died this week. Perhaps his timing was indicative that he just couldn't watch another Bill's rebuilding year. Rest In Peace, good sir.

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