Friday Five Spring Has Finally Sprung Edition By Pete Herr

Spring is in the air, at least here in WNY. Apparently, several of the Midwestern states are still seeing chilly temps and even some snow. Whoda thunk that Buffalo would have some of the most desirable weather in the nation for the week? Times they are a changin'.

1. Got Government?

I am certainly not one of them there government haters, but this might full into the "Enough is Enough" category. With these numbers, seems like government is a state crop in NY. "In New York, we have more than 10,500 governments including 62 counties, 61 cities, 932 towns, 553 villages, 698 school districts and thousands of fire, drainage, fire protection, park, garbage, sewer, water special districts." Maybe we can replace that old saying "for all the tea in China" with "For all the government in New York State".

2. Schneiderman Loves Animals

I love animals as much as the next guy, but this story is an interesting look at how our AG is spending his time this days. Sad that animals are ever treated poorly. Sadder still that we have to throw this kind of manpower at it.

3. Cuomo Pulls His Casino Bets

I think that in the casino standoff that is going on,Cuomo has quite the poker face, and quite the hand. If the Senecas and others don't want to play nice, Cuomo is willing to call their bluff with a referendum to build more casinos. I am not sure how the Senecas think this is going to play out. I imagine, they are as deluded as Kim Jung Un if they think they have a winning hand. To prove that it is political, and there is room for negotiation, the Governor has pulled the referendum, under the guise that there is a low voter turnout year and he wants more votes. I imagine he'll get the votes he needs in places like Niagara Falls, where the Senecas holdout on payment is causing quite the bargain crunch. As the Senecas know, gambling always favors the house, and in this case, Cuomo is holding all the cards.

4. Another Glass Ceiling Broken

As time marches on, so do the changes we see in our society. Used to be that Congress was a place only for men. Then the corporate board room opened its doors to women CEOS. Hillary Clinton's solid run for president showed that at a good chunk of America is ready for a women to occupy the Oval Office. Well now, another glass ceiling has been shattered. Cop killer, Joanna Chesimand, is the first women to be added to the FBI's Most Wanted List. Chesimand, now 65 years old and living freely in Cuba, executed a New Jersey State trooper 40 years ago. People know we have a little prison facility down Cuba way, right? And Jack Bauer is currently unemployed. Seems like there is a way or two handle this. I don't want to DRONE on about it.

5. Governor Cuomo, Always the Gentleman

The Gov has announced that if Hillary Clinton runs for president, he will sit this one out. He's either a gentleman, or adverse to getting his ass handed to him. While Hillary hasn't announced yet, and probably won't for quite some time, as she is also a master of political drama, she is heavily favored as the Democratic nominee. Yep, that is Governor Cuomo at the tail end with less percentage points than he wants to allow bullets in guns in New York State.

Honorable Mention

Two Harvard economists, who wrote the report that said austerity was the answer, were spanked by a grad student who showed that the report was full of errors know. They are now furiously back peddling from their report that apparently wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. The big question is...will the Republicans dive on the "it's just a couple of bad apples" defense that they would not allow, even for a second in the ClimateGate case, or will they say, "Ooops. Back to the drawing board." I anticipate we'll see a circling of the wagons and a genuflect or two at the altar of austerity. Truth be told, they really don't have anything else, and abandoning it before they get elected and...well...abandon it, would be really bad form.

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