Monday Mailbag Republican Rift in Orchard Park Heats Up By Michael R. Caputo

With the Hon. Peter R. Livingston convalescing at his Rhinebeck homestead, the Monday Mailbag turns toward Quaker quarrels. The Town of Orchard Park Republican Committee is up in arms again, complete with rumors of town GOP leaders working in cahoots with Democrats to maintain status quo control over local government. Some say it's real, some say it ain't.

But one thing is for sure: Republican Supervisor candidate Pat Keem is caught in the middle somehow, unable to secure his own party's endorsement.

Local Republicans are scratching their heads, wondering: if the GOP won't endorse Keem, who will they endorse? That may be why has been inundated in emails alleging everything from cross-party collusion to alien abduction. Some of that sentiment has appeared on our RUMOR & INNUENDO page, leading to many incoming emails, including these two from Republican notables:

Is Kaczor Angling for OP Supervisor Appointment?


I don' t know who is feeding you your information, but I made it very clear in early January that I am not seeking re-election, nor do I have any intention to seek - or be appointed - to any other public office. I have spent almost 12 great years serving the Orchard Park community and am ready to refocus more attention on my family and outside interests. The 'rumor' you have posted is just that... a rumor. There is no doubt that the information forwarded to you is but an attempt to mislead the public into thinking there is this grand conspiracy going on in Orchard Park. It is in fact presented to help promote and further the political desires of a candidate and his handler.

Thank you,
David Kaczor
Orchard Park Town Councilman

It is an honor to know that's commitment to quality blogging has been recognized. The clear labeling of the RUMOR about Mr. Kaczor in the RUMOR & INNUENDO section of the Web site made it impossible for any reasonable person to believe the information was anything but RUMOR. Or in a stretch, perhaps, INNUENDO. We are committed to continued crystal clear labeling.


I have served as a Village of Orchard Park Trustee for 5 years and have been an elected Orchard Park Republican Committeeman for that period. I also am serving on the campaign committees of endorsed councilman candidates Gene Majcharzak (incumbent) and Michael Sherry (newcomer du to Kaczor's retirment) as well as Highway Superintendent incumbent Fred Piasecki The reason for me stating my credentials is because I consider myself 'in the know' and was really thrown by this post. There is no truth behind any of it, especially since the endorsement for Supervisor will not take place until May 6th. I am guessing that you will not reveal to me who the 'well placed source' is, but I have to ask. As I am very involved in our Committee's selection and endorsement process, I am a little uneasy about a fellow committeeman (if he or she even is a true elected committeeperson) spreading untrue rumors to you that may disrupt our processes. Also, the misinformation from your source surely could effect the credibility of your website. I look forward to your response and thank you for your time.

Joe Wales
Village of Orchard Park

I spoke too soon. Just as one reader confirmed our RUMOR & INNUENDO post was accurately labeled as a RUMOR, another writes in completely confused. Where I come from - Orchard Park, in fact - the word RUMOR has a very clear definition. And, as a mere volunteer political blog on the Internet, we are without the resources to split our RUMOR & INNUENDO page into two different sections - one solely for true rumors and the other for the false ones.

As we noted at our founding, the RUMOR & INNUENDO page is "crowd-sourced gossip oozing from the halls of government... Don't believe a word of it." As for the Kaczor-Colarusso-Double-Back-Flip-Endorsement RUMOR: you can believe that or believe the two elected officials who say it's bunk.

Let's stick to the facts for a moment: Orchard Park Republicans recently interviewed sitting Democrat Town Supervisor Janis Colarusso as the first step in offering their cross endorsement. Insiders say dark blue Colarusso got a warm reception in the red camp.

In contrast, Republican frontrunner Pat Keem was was given a hard time when he interviewed for the post - by exiting councilman Dave Kaczor. Interestingly, former Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew D. Benz is also taking an underdog run at the GOP endorsement. So there's no shortage of Republican candidates.

In the upside-down parallel universe called Orchard Park Republican politics, Democrat Colarusso is set to win the Town GOP endorsement at a meeting tonight. Few rank-and-file Republicans understand why Keem and Benz are being jilted and the rumors are understandably flying. More will likely land on our RUMOR & INNUENDO page. [As a quick reminder, we will rely upon the dictionary definition of both terms.]

One thing is absolutely certain: Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy will not issue the Wilson-Pakula waiver Democrat Colarusso needs to run as a Republican. No way, no how. And that's no RUMOR - you can take that to the bank, Orchard Park.

UPDATE: On Monday night, May 6th, the Town of Orchard Park Republican Committee voted to endorse Pat Keem for Supervisor.

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