The Friday Five Partisan Party Edition By Pete Herr

Well, it has certainly been a week if you are a matter whether it is Federal, State, or Local level, there has been a healthy dose of political blustering to go around. I won't even bother touching on the Obama scandals that weren't. We'll go straight for the lower level stuff.

1. Mano a Mano a Money

To file in the "Who Cares Department", as financial disclosure forms are now made available, there is a host information about what the rich people that rule us (or want to but can't win a campaign) are up to financially. The most interesting tidbit is that Mitt Romney is no longer the richest out of touch guy not to be elected President. Al Gore, who singlehandedly set the climate change movement back 20 years, has over taken Romney in the "Really Rich Thwarted Wannabe President" category. Too bad Gore has no one to celebrate with in his 10,000 square foot mansion. If all the lights are off because no one actually lives there anymore, that's a pretty good way to lower your carbon footprint, and save some coin so you can top the other rich ex-candidate.

2. Candidate Reboots

Saw Iron Man 3 last night. It was a departure from the brash and confident Tony Stark of the first three films featuring the iron clad super dude. Then I thought about all of the recent film franchise reboots over the past few years. 007, Star Trek, Batman....each showing a much darker side of the characters we grew up with and loved. America apparently loves a flawed hero. Well, in the last week or so, we've seen a couple of our flawed politicians deciding on reboots of their own. Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has apparently hired himself a campaign manager as he is moving towards a run for mayor of New York City. Not far away, Former NY governor, David Paterson, is thinking of mounting a run for Congress. Paterson maintained the theme of dysfunction in NY government and if you are trying to take your dysfunction on the road, where better to go than Congress.

3. Gropez Gets Off

Bad month to be a Dem in NYS government, and this one is at the top of the list. The DA isn't going to file any charges, and the member of the political class gets off (literally) scott free. There are the usual cries for resignations, including those for Sheldon Silver's head, and in the end, little will happen. When it comes to this crap, whether it is a Democrat or a Republican (see also, Mark Foley) these sex scandals and their subsequent mishandling are a big reason that people don't trust their government. And what's sillier still is that these megalomaniacs actually believe this stuff isn't going to come to light. News Flash: it's only cool for these young ladies to go down on the Prez or boink Tiger Woods if they can tell someone.

4. Sheriff Tim Howard or Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Taking a play right out of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's playbook, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard has announced that he will not enforce the NY SAFE Act, because he believes it to be unconstitutional. That's cool, except it's not the way our system works. The sheriff doesn't get to pick and choose what laws he or she feels are to be enforced. There are current court challenges to NY's strict gun laws, and the courts, get to decide, not the Sheriff. This is a remarkably troubling trend that local lawmen feel that they have the power to decide. While I am sure gun righters are doing back flips over this, I hope they realize that a trend like this could hurt them as well. If a Democrat is elected and decides not to enforce laws that are against what he believes, then what is the point of having laws at all.

5. Plague of Locusts - A la mode

Well, if you have to have a Biblical plague (and I am sure there are some people out there who are actually thinking that way) you may as well have a high protein, gluten free Biblical plague. The 17 year cicadas have reappeared and are making their presence known in the Eastern United States. In the past, I think a plague of locusts only elicited wailing and gnashing of teeth. That, I am sure, is because 17 years ago there was no Food Channel to make the best of these crunchy treats. So, if you are so inclined to fight large flying insects, with candy, or vodka, here's a couple of recipes from National Geographic that might help make the best of this. I, of course, was disappointed to see that they don't come hot, medium, or mild, with bleu cheese and celery.

Every Friday, I can't help but wonder what the next week will bring. Hopefully, it will be as exciting as locusts and Sheriffs who love anarchy.

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