Democrat Disgrace New York's Once Proud Democratic Party Shamed By Roger J. Stone, Jr.

The once proud New York Democratic Party of Herbert Lehman, Al Smith and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, now turns a blind eye to sexual harassment of women. The National Organization of Women and the other prominent feminist groups say nothing. The liberals prove they are more interested in machine politics than safety in the workplace for women.

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is a disgrace who has abetted and covered up sexual harassment in the Assembly. Silver has, at least three times, used taxpayer money and confidentiality agreements to cover up sexual harassment by assembly members and staffers.

Two scathing new reports confirm the details of Silver's cover up efforts. Special prosecutor Dan Donovan and the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) confirmed Silver's role. Indeed, the confidentiality agreements involved are for the protection of Silver and the Assembly, not the victim (this being New York, A Silver appointee to JCOPE tried to water down and suppress details of Silver's actions).

Incredibly, Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office helped expedite the documents in which Silver simultaneously paid with taxpayer furnished hush money and then covered the matter up.

Only two members of the Democratic Assembly have called for the Assembly Speaker to step down, Assemblyman Mickey Kearns of Buffalo and Assemblywoman Inez Barron of Brooklyn. These legislators are profiles in courage for their principled stand.

No Democratic member of the Senate has called for Silver to step down. None of the Democratic candidates for Mayor of New York City will call for the Mr. Silver's ouster. Everyone is, of course, using lecher Vito Lopez as a political punching bag.

Silver's proposal to now outlaw the kind of cover up Silver engaged in at least three times, paying $103,080 for hush money and another $507,500 civil-suit settlement all with tax payer money, is almost comical. "I propose to outlaw what I just did."

The silence of the women's organizations is equally deafening. Gloria Steinem? NOW? The League of Women Voters? New Yorker Hillary Clinton? Where are you? Where is your outrage?

Governor Andrew Cuomo's claim that the Assembly picks its own leader is an abdication in view of his wise role in forging a bi-partisan leadership in the State Senate which necessarily stopped incompetent Senate Democrats from taking control of the Senate. The Governor should step to the plate again because Silver's conduct in the matter of sexual harassment in Albany cannot be ignored or excused. Cuomo had the courage to issue a scathing report on Governor Elliot Spitzer's abuse of power in Troopergate. He needs to show the same leadership here. Silver must go.

It is incredible to me that the New York State Democratic Party, the party of Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton, looks the other way for Sheldon Silver. It's a disgrace.

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