Majority Leader Tom Mazur will not seek re-election! An honorable man calls it quits! By Release

From the Desk of Tom Mazur:

I love public service.

But, I think it's time to exercise a self-imposed term limit.

I have had a great run - doing two stints in the Erie County Legislature (1988-1993) and (2006 to the present).

I served for eight years as a Councilmember in Cheektowaga.

Actually, my whole life has been about service - starting out in the County Clerk's Office immediately upon being honorably discharged from the United States Army, which included combat duty in Vietnam. Yes, it's been a long run of service.

Now is the time to start writing the last few paragraphs in a chapter that will come to a close on December 31, 2013.

But, I will not stray from my commitment to serve.

I will continue to volunteer at ECMC as a Pastoral Care Minister and I will continue to serve on the Board of Directors at Autism Services.

And, I will continue my advocacy on behalf of my fellow veterans, whether they are old enough to be my father or young enough to be my son.

My volunteerism for and alongside veterans will continue on the Erie County Legislature's VALER4Valor Committee. But there's much more to my story.

My grandson just turned one year old this March. While we enjoyed this milestone in my family's life, I replayed his mother's - my daughter's - first birthday in my mind. Where has the time gone

My wife and my children have been the solid foundation for my career in public service. They are my greatest blessing and source of support, allowing me to live my dream of giving back to the community I love so much.

A new chapter will be written now. I'll have a little more time to focus on the volunteer work that has become my new passion in life.

And, I get more time to chase after my grandson. I'll still be running, but in a different way.

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