Friday Five Bacon and Margarita Edition By Pete Herr

So much to write about this week. These are my top 5 interesting items.

1. Let Them Drink TEA

In an attempt to remain relevant, the TEA Party has jumped headfirst into the fray that is the Common Core Standards. The trouble is that they are taking their typical uninformed approach to the Common Core. They, of course, are protesting it as a massive government takeover of education, which, of course, it is not. The initiative only seeks to set benchmarks for the students to hit. Standards are not a bad thing. And just because they come from the government doesn't make them bad either. The Common Core has so many other problems, that the initiative will probably fail. Despite the prevailing winds that demonize our teachers and attempt to suck as much money out of education as possible, there can be no more important task at hand than the education of our kids. Sadly, state governments are setting education back decades, and that has nothing to do with the Common Core. If you want to fight the Common Core Standards, at least discuss the real problems with it, a government takeover of education and the indoctrination of our kids to be Obama Youth aren't it.

I was kind of hoping that cutting the head off the snake would send the TEA Party into the state of irrelevance it is destined for.

2. On a Silver Platter

I am going to continue to write about this pile of dog poop for as long as I can continue to find great headlines with his name. Sheldon Silver had breakfast with his female colleagues so that they could air their concerns about the way he handled the cover up of Vito Lopez's sexual harassment scandal. I personally am sorry that "air their concerns" didn't involve slapping him in the face. There are no excuses for this, and as I have said before, Silver should resign. It seems that Democrat Mickey Kearns has some company in Assemblywoman Inez Brown (D- Brooklyn) in believing the Speaker should step down. Silver, of course, responded that Brown never really liked him anyway, so it doesn't matter. This is a case of doing the right thing. We'll see if the Dems step up and do that.

3. China Loves Pork Spending

Smithfield Foods is to be sold to the Chinese holding company Shuanghui International Holdings Limited for $4.72 billion cash. (I can just see the Chinese guys showing up with silver briefcase after silver briefcase filled with stacks of hundreds.) China, according to the article, is the world's largest producer and consumer of pork. I know I always order both pork lo mein and pork fried rice. Truth is, this is concerning to me. China already controls many of the world's Rare Earth Elements like lithium. If China then picks up dominance over bacon... I may have to learn to speak Mandarin and head off to start

4. Grisanti is SuperPAC's Man

A SuperPAC funded by the son of billionaire George Soros is targeting State Senator Mark Grisanti on the issue of publically funded campaigns. Why Grisanti? He votes Democrat as much as he does Republican, more so on the issues important to Dems, like marriage equality and guns. Grisanti is ripe to be a target for a campaign like this, because the voters of New York want campaign finance reform. While the recent scandals involving Democrats in the New York Assembly wouldn't be corrected by the campaign finance laws being discussed, they are still the right thing to do. The influence of money in politics is ridiculous and it needs to change. If it seems like the majority of people in New York State want it, there's a good chance Grisanti could vote for it. He is the perfect target for this.

5. Wasting Away or Rolling In The Dough?

Jimmy Buffett has had a very successful career of pretending he is a beach bum, worrying about nothing more than where the next Boat Drink is coming from. Truth is, Buffett is a savvy businessman who parlayed his mythical worry-free lifestyle into a massive empire that earns him millions each year. As a die-hard Parrothead, no one appreciates daydreaming about the beach more than me. I'm a loyal fan, with many tee-shirts, almost every album JB has produced, every book he has written and even a couple of pairs of Margaritaville boat shoes. According the a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Article, that silly little song, "Margaritaville", spurred a franchise that made it the most lucrative song of all times. "Wastin' away?" Yeah, right.

Enjoy the heatwave while it lasts. The temperature could drop 20 degrees in any given hour. Until next week.

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