Albany Called in on Erie Leg Endorsements Six Erie County Town Chairs Ask for State Dem Action By Release

June 01, 2013

Hon. Stephanie Miner, State Co-Chair Hon. Keith Wright,State Co-Chair
c/o Rodney S. Capel, Executive Director NYS Democratic Committee
120 Broadway, 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10271

Re: Erie County Legislature Endorsement Meetings - Urgent Action Requested!

Honorable Chairs:

It is with great displeasure that we write this letter to you today; however without help from the NYS Democratic Committee our Erie County Democratic Committee is turning into a party that is for sale.

The Erie County Democratic Committee has only called endorsement meetings for the Erie County Legislature in select Legislative Districts of Erie County . Many more Erie County Legislative Districts have Democratic Candidates who will be running for the Erie County Legislature.These Democratic Erie County Legislature Candidates have overwhelming support from the Elected Democratic Committee members within their respective Legislative Districts. These candidates have made a number of requests to Chairman Zellner to call an Endorsement Meeting; however all of these requests have been ignored.

It is our belief that Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner, who also is employed by the Erie County Legislature as the Democratic Majority Chief of Staff; has refused to call endorsement meetings within all Legislative Districts because he is afraid the elected Democratic Committee Members may vote to endorse a candidate that is not his personal or his bosses, choice. Even worse Jeremy Zellner is printing,and passing out petition packets containing only his handpicked candidates for the Erie County Legislature at the expense of the Erie County Democratic Committee, without there ever being an endorsement meeting.

According to the Bylaws of the Erie County Democratic Committee, Article II - Section 5:

..."The appropriate subordinate committee of the Erie County Democratic Committee shall meet at the call of the County Chair and nominate, endorse and recommend for election the Democratic candidate(s ) for all Members of the State Assembly, Female and Male members of the State Committee , individual Erie County Legislator(s), City of Buffalo District Council Members and in the cities of Lackawanna and Tonawanda and all Towns in the County , the respective officers for said Towns, including judicial offices elected in said sub-divisions "... (emphasis added)
As Chief of Staff at the Erie County Legislature, Jeremy Zellner has much to gain and or lose financially with respect to who becomes an Erie County Legislator; however as Chairman of the Democratic Committee Jeremy Zellner cannot be allowed to single handedly usurp the right of Democratic Committee Members.

We know that the New York State Democratic Committee takes very seriously any concern over the integrity of an election and will always work to secure a fair and ethical process. At the very least this process has been unethical.

It is very apparent that the only hope for Democratic Committee Members in Erie County to have a fair process is if the New York State Democratic Committee intervenes and requires that Chairman Zellner convene the appropriate subordinate committees, to endorse candidates for the Erie County Legislature in all areas that have Democratic candidates.

Your immediate response is appreciated. Please contact Frank C. Max at 716-480-XXXX with your response.


Mary I. Julian
Town of Wales

Frank C. Max Jr.
Town of Cheektowaga

Mary Alice Grant
Town of Aurora

Richard Rose
Town of Marilla

Robert Giza
Town of Lancaster
Vice Chairman

Daniel S. McParlane
Town of West Seneca

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