The Friday Five Bums, Backwards, Back atchas, Buds and Bugs Edition By Pete Herr

Sucky Silver, Retro primary, Can I get you some Rice, or some Cheetos, or some drug resistant diseases?

1. Shelly Silver Still Sucks

As promised, I will continue to write about the embattled speaker until he crawls back under whatever rock he came out from. Three important issues came up this week. First, the ladies who were sexually harassed have filed lawsuits against both Silver and Lopez. Good. There is no way Silver will use taxpayer pieces of silver to pay for this, so he'll have to pony up himself. Secondly, a recent poll shows that a wide margin of voters want the speaker to step down. For the record, in case you missed it, I am in that majority. Finally, the New York Daily News is also reporting that some emails that were omitted from the original Lopez report allege that the Speaker had an inappropriate relationship with one of his staffers, as well. Scum bag is as scum bag does. This continues to be a large failure of New York Dems who stand by this sleazy man. I continue to be disappointed in our local Democrats who, except for Mickey Kearns, won't stand up against this gross injustice. Send Shelly packing.

2. Mayoral Primary Goes Retro

Looks like voters in the New York City Mayoral primary will be going retro. It looks as though the city will use the old lever style voting machines for the primary, where the turnout is expected to be high. I'm sure it all makes sense to someone, but to not to me. The city first used the new optical scanner voting machines in 2010 and the cost at the time ? $95 million. For that price tag, there is no way I would be leaving them on the bench. It's sort of how I felt about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

3. Obama Serving Up Rice

In one of my favorite moves that Obama has made, the President chose UN Ambassador and Republican Bogeywoman Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor. I'll give the Bird Flipper In Chief a serious high five on this move, as the Great Obstructionist Party won't be able to block this one as it doesn't need Senate approval. While I think Ambassador Rice is eminently qualified for the job, I even more appreciate the eff you-ness of the move. I'm not generally like that, but Rice was caught up in Romney's failed October surprise which turned into yet another circus, that has cost us time, money, and face.

4. Assembly Approves Prescription Pot

The Democrat led New York Assembly has approved a bill that would make medicinal marijuana legal in New York State. A doctor would have to sign off in order for patients to get their munchie making medicine. One amendment being considered would allow for doctors to also write prescriptions for Cheetos so that patients can run them through their prescription plans.

5. Drug Resistant Bugs Winning Because of Capitalism

Heard a couple of stories on NPR over the past few days that are alarming, to say the least. The first was on the drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis that are kicking the ass of the tiny formerly Soviet country of Maldova. It isn't really an unexpected thing. While TB is relatively rare in the US, it definitely tends to settle in areas of high poverty. Maldova fits that bill. The second report indicates that big Pharma is abandoning the production of new antibiotics because they aren't as profitable as drugs for other diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes or Diabetes. In order to address this problem, which really could be bad in the not so distant future, the Obama Administration is looking to ease the FDA's approval process for getting new drugs approved. Additionally, the Health and Human Services Department has entered into a deal with BigPharma player GlaxoSmithKline, in which the US government will pay the drug makers $40 million to start producing new antibiotics. There's a real irony to the idea that the profit driven economic system that drove our medical system to greatness, is now driving drug makers away from making essential drugs. Weird world we live in.

Hopefully summer will make a reappearance this weekend. Enjoy. And if the weather sucks and you are looking for some entertainment, here's 13 great reasons to follow Patrick Stewart on Twitter. Make it so.

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