The Friday Five The Not So Supreme News Edition By Pete Herr

A big week in news with Supreme Court decisions and Paula Deen's fall from grace. Here's a few other tidbits from the week that got lost under all the other fanfare.

1. Silver Continues to Suck

It continues to amaze me that this hasn't blown up in the speaker's face. If the newest revelation, that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the Sheldon Silver's defense, isn't enough to enrage both voters and members of the Assembly, I will officially pronounce the cause as lost. Not only does the speaker break the law, ignore any sense of ethics, but the taxpayers have to pay the cost of his defense. I am outraged. I, sadly, don't see the anger elsewhere. Quite the opposite. Here, one of the female members of the Assembly stands by the speaker. Disgusting with a capital D.

2. Vigilante on Trial

The trial of George Zimmerman, the vigilante that shot and killed unarmed Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin began this week. Here is a piece with excerpts from the initial police interview with Zimmerman. These quotes show what Zimmerman really thought as he disobeyed a direct order from the police and pursued the teen, who had every right to be there. Either Zimmerman is a full blown paranoid, or he was completely emboldened by the fact that he had a gun. Maybe both. In either case, Trayvon Martin would be alive and Zimmerman wouldn't be on trial if he had simply obeyed the police order. This one is George Zimmerman, and hopefully the jury will find him guilty.

3. Biker in Chief

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a no nonsense guy. A tough guy. He's got cajones. He's also got a Harley. I wonder how many other governors can make that claim. Cuomo's Batcycle got a face lift recently by world famous motorcycle designer, Paul Teutel Jr., formerly of American Chopper fame. The Governor did foot the bill for this, not the taxpayers. Anyone else want to see the Gov ride into the state house chambers when he issues the State of the State address? He has a Gov-cycle. I wonder if he has a Gov-cave.

4. End of Session Fail

If you're keeping score, the Governor has been pretty effective in getting things done. In the past couple of weeks alone, he bull-dogged his way to resolutions with the Peace Bridge Authority and the Seneca Nation of Indians. In both cases, the Governor got almost exactly what he wanted. Sadly, on one of the issues that is most important to me, the Governor and the Legislature failed on the issue of public corruption. The state was ripe for this to happen, and the only reason it didn't is because legislators wanted to protect their ability to be corrupt. This is a common sense reform that the people want. If a legislator is convicted of corruption they should lose their benefits. So simple. So common sense. No wonder it didn't end up as law.

5. Elect a Journalist

After weeks of grandstanding on the issue of disposal of confidential documents, it turns out that the Comptroller's assertion was all based on half truths and manipulation. The totes were, in fact, secured and not sitting out for anyone to see. The Deputy Controller manipulated her way into a secured storage area. On the same day that this proof comes out, the Comptroller makes the statement that the Comptroller's Office was a "disaster" when he took over. I guess if you want excitement and over the top rhetoric in the public sector, the best thing you can do is elect a journalist. This Comptroller seems hell-bent on discrediting the County Executive and grabbing.....I'm sorry...making headlines, not actually auditing for the sake of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse. This is Chris Collins style politics, so it is no surprise that this is what we have, and I imagine it suits some people just fine.

See you next week for the Independence Day edition of the Friday Five.

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