Not So Fast, ECC President Airs All-Staff Memo on 'Misinformation' By Jack Quinn

On Friday at 2:00pm, Erie Community College President Jack Quinn sent a letter to school staff rebutting a post by Erastus Root - a story the former congressman calls "absolutely false." Quinn is a good guy and was a great History teacher at Hamburg High School, so we're giving him equal time here.

Following is an unedited reprint of Quinn's all-staff memo, provided to by an ECC employee who wishes to remain unidentified.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Quinn, Jack"
Date: Jul 26, 2013 1:58 PM
Subject: Politics NY Propaganda
To: "Staff All"

Good Afternoon,

As some of you may or may not be aware, there's been an ECC-related story circulating around via a local website called In their irresponsible post concerning our projected Fall 2013 enrollment numbers, misinformation and water cooler gossip are reported as fact, so I wanted to take this opportunity to assure our ECC faculty and staff that this report is absolutely false. To their points:

1) Our enrollment numbers are not down 4,000 full-time students for Fall 2013. Our enrollment numbers do not become final for the semester until early September, but they are progressing through July and into August in the same way they increase leading into any semester.

2) An enrollment management plan was a mere suggestion--not a demand--throughout our Middles States accreditation. Still, an informed college committee has been working diligently on an enrollment management plan (dealing with recruitment and retention), and will soon have one to guide the college forward.

3) There has been no enrollment-related failure by our Admissions Department, and for this blog to lobby such an accusation is both uninformed and slanderous. The department has actually placement tested more accepted students leading into this semester than preceding Fall 2012.

I hope this eases any concerns as we proceed through the rest of the summer and continue to concentrate on improving ECC for our current and future students. Thank you, and enjoy your weekend.

Best, Jack

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