The Friday Five Charlie Rangel Twice Edition By Pete Herr

As football training camp opens this weekend, you can probably look forward to me complaining about the Bills in future editions. Until then, I have an edition in which Charlie Rangel gets mentioned TWICE...

1. Dems Pile on Weiner

Only a day after Anthony Weiner, no stranger to hard things, announced that he didn't exactly quit sexting after he resigned from Congress, the calls for Weiner to pull out (of the race) have intensified. Now, New York's Congressional Dems including heavy hitters like Jerry Nadler, Charlie Rangel and Louise Slaughter are pushing Weiner to drop out of the race. The decision is obviously a big one, and Weiner seems like he has no intention of going soft on this race. Hopefully, the voters in the Big Apple see Weiner as too exposed by this scandal and go in a another direction. I hope that when it comes to a political career, Weiner has already shot has load. When it comes to this Weiner, we've seen too much.

2. NSA Lives To Eavesdrop Another Day

On Wednesday, in a surprisingly close vote, the NSA's metadata phone record program survived on the House floor. The vote was 217-205, and was not the typical party line vote that we have come to expect out of the House of Representatives since President Obama was elected. The proposal, put forth by Rep. Justin Amash,(R-Mich), fell in the close vote that actually saw Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner agree on something. Perhaps, right before the vote the NSA Director sent individual memos to each House member, listing all of their mistresses phone numbers. That total memo was probably thicker than the original draft of the Affordable Care Act.

3. Charlie Rangel Interviews Successors

He knows that's not how it's done, right? He knows he doesn't actually get to choose who takes his House seat when he is finally done with it? Never short on balls, Congressman Charles Rangel has been actively searching for the next Congressmen from Harlem. In his search has actually had conversations with former NY Governor, David Paterson. I kid you not. Of all the people Rangel could have found, he decided to talk to David Paterson, whose term as Governor at best.

4. Apple Sales Sputter?

The guy on the radio today actually used the word "sputter" before going on to explain that Apple ONLY earned $6.9 billion on profit off of $35.3 billion in sales. Yep, those are both "B"s there. Can we really call that a sputter. And important to point out that actual revenues went from $35 billion a year ago to $35.3 billion now. Hey, if that's "sputtering", sign me up. This is just how ridiculous corporate expectations have become.

5. Food Truck Troubles Aren't Just For Buffalo

The Albany Times-Union reports that the food truck "The Wandering Dago" was asked not to return to provide food at the Saratoga Springs race track after a state official (unnamed, because he would be ridiculed for this stupidity) was offended by the truck's name. Have we lost our collective minds? We are willing to give up a menu like this, because a guy may have insulted himself? Here's a better plan. If you are offended, don't eat there. Why you gotta ruin it for everyone else?

Have a great week, everyone.

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