The Friday Five Rainy Friday Grumpy Edition By Pete Herr

This was the year it was going to happen. I was going to break 90 playing golf. The pieces parts of my game are looking good individually, and all it is going to take is putting it all together for one damn round. Or, it's going to take not getting continually rained out. So, I'll take my frustration out on politicians. Happy Friday. Here's the Friday Five.

1. Silver Hid MORE Perverts

When I think he can't revolt me anymore, Shelly Silver, manages to find a way. The dude really just doesn't care about women or the reputation of the NYS Assembly. Well, dirt has a way of bubbling to the surface, and it has come to light that Assemblyman Micah Kellner was also accused of sexually harassing staffers, and someone on Silver's staff took those complaints in 2009. I'm sure he never bothered to tell his boss. That happens all the time when things big like that happen. I mean Silver has a great track record with dealing with sexual harassment charges so, certainly he is to be believed that he didn't know. Seriously Assembly Democrats, get rid of this guy. In other news, Kellner is also running for New York City Council. He and Vito Lopez are both running on the Scum Bag Party line.

2. Kids These Days

Last week I wrote (See number 5) about the former Weiner intern that ended up with a front page story in the Daily News criticizing Weiner's campaign apparatus and asserting that she and her pals only joined the campaign to have access to Weiner's wife and her Clinton connections. The cool thing is now that she grabbed her 15 seconds of fame, she'll have access to NO ONE. Maybe she can get on a campaign staff for her uncle who is running for some local school board. Not sure how these kids think these things will end. That they'll get a movie deal? Some high level candidate will just be so impressed with them that they will call and ask them to intern (for free) on their campaign? Well, done kiddies, you probably got yourself blackballed and effectively made other campaigns re-evaluate whether to use just out of college kids as interns on their campaigns, effectively screwing things up for other kids who legitimately want to make a name for themselves by getting their foot in the door. Internships are about giving you an opportunity to impress people so you get the paid job next time. Here's a better scolding than I can offer.

3. Hillary on TV Irks Republicans

In the past week both CNN and NBC announced plans for projects about Hillary Clinton. NBC announced a miniseries starring Diane Lane as Clinton, while CNN announced it would air a documentary directed by Oscar award winning filmmaker Chris Ferguson. The Republicans immediately got their panties in a knot, as only Republicans can do. RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, said "no debates for you," if the two networks go through with it, and better still David Bossie, President of Citizen's United, said "hey, only we can influence elections". Surprisingly, however, the Clintons are being pretty mum on the issue too. Truth be told, this could be as bad for Hillary as good. She certainly has things in her past, and Ferguson won't sugar coat it. As for NBC? Please. Unless it is a silly game show style reality show where Clinton aides get voted off with judges Carville, Axelrod, Donna Brazille and Huma Abedin (she has great name rec right now), NBC ain't gonna touch it. My first thought, however, was less debates. Great!

4. Bezos Buys WaPo

So much to say, so little time. When Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, announced he was buying the Washington Post for $250 million, my first thought was "What?" Is this like Kim Basinger buying a town? Too much money, no idea what to do with it. Truth is, newspapers are in trouble and it might take some outside the box thinking and some outside the box partnerships for traditional newspapers to find their way in the digital world. People don't want to pay for news, because they can get it for free elsewhere. Is it as good when it comes from some citizen journalist, as it is when it comes from Bob Woodward? Sometimes. While this sale is coming out of Bezos' piggy bank and has nothing to do with Amazon, the distribution giant is doing some big things in content distribution, as well as product distribution. Maybe Bezos has some ideas for packaging and distributing news content at a profit as well. He would need a marquee product to try that out on. The Post fits that bill. Certainly can't hurt the industry to try something new. I think the best thing is that I heard that the day after the paper comes out you'll be able to buy a used copy for 25 cents.

5. New York Political Freak Show

Kristin Davis, former prostitution industry upper manager and NY gubernatorial candidate, announced a while back that she would be tossing her hat into the ridiculousness that is now New York City politics and she would be running against Eliot Spitzer for the Comptroller's seat. You know the Big Apple. If you are removed from office, resign from office amid sexual scandal, or now even spend some time at Riker's Island, you are the candidate for them. To make these races even more seedy (if that's possible), Kristin Davis was arrested this week for dealing drugs. Hey, why not? Where's "The Rent Is Too Damn High" guy these days? We need him back, since nothing about the current state of NY politics is funny.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that I am partial to Fair Food, and this week of the Erie County Fair, I am hopeful to find one of those cheeseburgers that were grown from stem cells. Certainly makes sense to me now that Petrie dishes are actually the same size and shape as burger patties. See you next week.

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