Borowiec's Raise, Reprise Poloncarz Pays Pretty Penny to Politico By Addison Gardiner

It looks like Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who in Spring failed in an attempt to give a huge raise to political ally, found a way to make it rain: he promoted her, instead.

Back in April, Poloncarz tried pushing through a hefty raise for Patricia "Fai" Borowiec one of his political operatives. Borowiec is also the Treasurer of "Western New York Democrats for Progress," a political group founded by the County Executive himself. In fact, Poloncarz was the group's past president.

In fact, Poloncarz political right-hand man and his old Deputy Comptroller for Audit Michael Szukala is listed as the group's current President.

The April raise request was huge considering the fact Poloncarz offered union workers zero percent back pay going back to 2006. Depending on whom you asked, the Administration's figure had the raise for Borowiec pegged at about $9,000; the Buffalo News called it a 16.5 percent raise. The Comptroller's Office stated the raise was more than $12,000 over two years, which totaled 22.5 percent.

In a battle that was two parts politics and one part frugality, the Erie County Legislature blocked Poloncarz's raise request.

Need proof there's more than one way to skin a cat? Lo and behold, Borowiec just got that big bump in pay - and far more than her political boss Poloncarz even asked for in April.

Rumor has it Borowiec was promoted on August 3rd, 2013 from a Grade 12 Management Consultant (MC) in the Office of Budget and Management ($55,305) to a Grade 14 Applications System Specialist ($72,609).

That's a $17,304 increase in pay.

Not bad for one political operative with close ties to Mark Poloncarz. I wonder how much union workers would appreciate a $17,304 spike in their salaries, considering they were asked to pay more for health insurance and denied back pay by the County Executive.

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