Schroeder endorses Dixon Praises Legislator for Being a True Independent! By Staff

Last night, an informal group of influential Democrats calling themselves "Democrats for Dixon" held a fundraiser in her honor. The event was a typical South Buffalo Beer Blast with a twist.

It concluded with a rousing speech from South Buffalo's own, City of Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder, who informally endorsed Legislator Lynne Dixon for re-election. His formal endorsement was issued this afternoon in the form of a press release, and included the following statement:

"Lynne Dixon is an independent leader who is committed to the neighborhoods she represents, and is accessible to her constituents. I am proud to support her for re-election to the Erie County Legislature," Schroeder said.

In the release, a clearly moved Legislator Dixon, responded with a statement of her own.

"I am honored and grateful for Mark Schroeder's endorsement. He has long been a well-respected leader in this community with a focus on improving this region for the people he serves. I have always appreciated his independence and the passion he has for his home town, and thank Mark for his support," Legislator Dixon said.

One supporter who attended the fundraiser remarked that the chemistry between Schroeder and Dixon seemed sincere. "He gave us a history lesson on that seat. A seat which was once his, you know?" said the attendee.

Apparently Schroeder told the crowd that since re-redistricting it hasn't sat lightly with him that South Buffalo was broken up, and that Lynne Dixon and Tom Mazur are the first people, ever, to represent South Buffalo in the Legislature without living there. Lynne's true independence from politics has apparently warmed his heart, and he had nothing to say about the other fella.

Mark Schroeder's endorsement of Lynne Dixon cannot be understated. It is a major blow to the campaign of her opponent Michael Schraft, who earlier this week thought he had the momentum after receiving the endorsement of the United Auto Workers. Unfortunately no one is talking about that, and this is certain to make real news.

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