Gun Control Rushed to Passage Grisanti steps away from WNY GOP delegation to vote yes By Erastus Root

Last night an abomination occurred in the halls of New York State government for those that love the Constitution and have great respect for the reality of the Second Amendment. No, I am not talking about the 63 Senators and 150 Assemblymen who "swore" to God that they would uphold and defend the Constitution of both the United States and New York State. Instead, I am referring to the vast majority of intelligent Americans that fully understand the purpose of the Second Amendment wasn't to protect our right to procure venison for our families to get us through a long winter.

As a precursor to my comments, you must know that I am a fiscal conservative, not a social extremist, but more often times than not, end up on the political right. Many people with me on the political right fear our federal government is becoming too large and too powerful, often encroaching on the authority of state and local government. This trespass of power has birthed a divided electorate that fears the interests of those who do not share their political philosophy.

This reality has created partisan gridlock in Washington that rarely gives way for compromise and the result has been divisive legislation mimicking the most extreme portions of various party platforms. We saw it nationally with the Affordable Care act, locally with the Apprenticeship Law, and just yesterday with the passage of the NY SAFE Act of 2013.

None of the aforementioned legislation was passed by our "representatives" in our best interests. These landmark bills, and countless other ones, are passed by our politicians to check off a box on their campaign palm card and position themselves for their next election. You probably think I am going to talk about how Gov. Andrew Cuomo did this to set up his 2016 race for the White House. I am not. That's too obvious.

However, I'm forced to wonder if Senator Mark Grisanti, Republican of Buffalo, took his vote to set himself up as Cuomo's replacement or a challenger to another statewide office holder? It's just too politically convenient that he lost so much sleep worrying about the rights of the gay community last year, but whisked away the guaranteed rights of millions of New Yorkers without much contemplation at all.

With all due respect to Senator Grisanti, I never criticized him for his vote on gay marriage. As an American, the thought of the government sanctioning unequal treatment of people based on any classification they identify with is wrong to me. Until yesterday, I thought the Senator and I agreed on that.

Mark Grisanti is clearly not on a mission to represent people and ensure them access to their rights. He is on a personal mission to set a course for his own political future, which is wrong.

Our leaders are trying to belittle our concerns by making the gun control debate about deer, when it's actually about having the ability to protect ourselves from our leaders if we really need to. I personally think the tectonic political shifts that are occurring may one day yield the necessity for the Second Amendment. I hope they don't. But necessity aside, the founders of this great nation who knew something about tyrannical government included this amendment in our Constitution. I don't think any crop of today's legislators should attempt supplant their wisdom.

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