Run Trump Run! A Small Businessman's Perspective By David Lipinoga

New York is not just a state - it's a symbol of what America has been, is today and will become. As New York declines so does our great Nation. That's what I see from where I sit - I'm a small business owner in Western New York.

Throughout our history, The Empire State has been a place where people came from afar to seek freedom and prosperity. No longer: a progressive movement has transformed New York into The Welfare State. People no longer move here for opportunity; they move here to receive government benefits. Our great state no longer promotes success through hard work and perseverance, but a life of government dependency.

This transformation has been catalyzed by decades of bad policies installed by those who govern our state. If we do not change course, New York will become the first socialist state of the union and its demise will be evident.

As small business owners, we are frustrated with the blatant disregard Albany lawmakers have for how their policies are crippling job creation and the success of our citizens. We see that oppressive trend continuing in 2014 with elevated employer tax rates, new fees and regulations. And we're not fooled by budget gimmickry - we know this is not changing under Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Nobody knows better than a businessman that the "New New York" is just the old New York with a bad paint job.

Entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force behind New York’s historic abundance of wealth and resources. Unfortunately, that spirit is being drained out of our state due to job killing legislation out of Albany.

The current fiscal and social climate of New York has brought great speculation over the upcoming gubernatorial race. New York is at a crossroads and we are in need of a better leader:

A leader who is not intimidated.

A leader who understands both humility and success.

A leader who is relevant and present.

A leader who represents real New York.

My network of small business colleagues believe this leader, who can deliver us from the abyss is, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump is New York, all the way to his core. We trust Mr. Trump can revive a New York state of mind and belief in the American Dream.

A Trump candidacy would be a positive development for New Yorkers, especially entrepreneurs, those looking for opportunity and most notably our future generations. Mr. Trump understands what causes failure and what brings success. His brand stands for American achievement through hard work and opportunity. He is perceived as a fixer, a man who can bring about optimism with his expertise in management, job creation and investment. Donald will put forth realistic goals and policy plans to re-establish the economy and greatness of New York.

Why do New York business owners like me and the working class believe Donald Trump can win the governor’s race?

Unlike our myopically intolerant current head of state, Mr. Trump won’t tell the taxpayers he disagrees with, "They have no place in the state of New York." In fact, Mr. Trump is a man of tolerance; even when he disagrees with an individual’s position, he respects their humanity.

Mr. Trump also has a proven gift for bringing polar opposites together to accomplish a common goal. This ability to unify people will go a long way in solving our state’s economic decline and problems.

It is indisputable that we live in a world where life has become intertwined with celebrity. In fact, political landscape is deeply influenced by popular culture, adding further advantage to a Trump candidacy: he clearly generates enthusiasm and attention. This broader audience will hear his economic message and his passion will resonate with the citizens of New York, attracting not only Republicans, but independent and Moderate democrat women and minorities.

New Yorkers will welcome a Trump candidacy with open minds and hearts and they will embrace the opportunity to be heard.

Many small business owners agree: Donald Trump is our last hope to liberate New York from permanent decline. He has earned great reverence and amiability among New Yorkers that transcends political partisanship.

We the entrepreneurs. We the taxpayers. We the people will elect Donald J. Trump, New York State’s next Governor.

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