Ready for Eddie? Buffalo Leftist Set to Primary Higgins By Allen C. Beach

Looks like Eddie Egriu (e-grew) is throwing his hat in the ring. He's announced that he'll run against Rep. Brian Higgings for Congress. If you haven’t heard his name before, then you haven’t much been in activist circles.

The sparkling new candidate has been an entrepreneur and developer on the Eastside of Buffalo since moving here in 1983. He helped get PUSH off the ground and, in political circles, is a well-known populist - considerably to the left of the Rep. Higgins.

Egriu developed nearly a dozen properties along Jefferson Avenue, including restaurants, a gas station, neighborhood retail, and other small businesses that cater to underserved communities. His volunteers have been busily circulating petitions, canvasing the Eastside neighborhoods where Mr. Egriu continues to invest.

Rep. Higgins has angered liberals time and again. He rebuilt an elevated highway on the outer harbor despite the New Urbanists’ screams. He wants more diesel trucks at the Peace Bridge, despite the West Side’s childhood asthma epidemic.

Meanwhile, Rep. Higgins has either refused or avoided securing federal transportation dollars for any meaningful expansion of mass transit, despite demands for more light rail. He refuses to talk about highway removal when it comes to the Scajaquada or the 190.

For some time, the left wing of the local Democratic Party has craved a true progressive Congressional Representative. We certainly don’t have that in Rep. Higgins.

But we have the ability to achieve it with Eddie Egriu.

(And Eddie strongly supports legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and thinks that current drug laws have horribly racist social impacts… so … puff, puff…. pass the word around on that.)

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