Physician, Heal Thyself Poloncarz Pays Men Much More Than Women By Erastus Root

Do as I say, not as I do.

That is the message coming loud and clear from Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz concerning equal pay for women. Women’s groups assuredly won’t be happy when they find out how much he pays women in his own office compared to men.

Like the White House, Poloncarz used “National Equal Pay Day” back on April 8th to decry the huge gap in pay for men compared to women. That day, the County Executive joined President Barack Obama in full spin mode highlighting the fact that women are paid 71-cents on the dollar compared to men. 

“Fifty-one years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act, pay between the sexes is still unequal. Equal pay for women is not just long-overdue, it is the law…In 2014, there is no reason why women in the workplace should not earn as much as their male counterparts,” said Poloncarz in a press release.

He even called for policies forcing the Erie County Industrial Development Agency (ECIDA) to prove women are paid the same as men for any projects they approve.

That policy would be fine and dandy, as long as it does not apply to the Office of Erie County Executive. According to county records and using the same standard he used in his press release, Poloncarz pays women on average tens of thousands of dollars LESS than their male counterparts. 

The average salary for MEN in the County Executive’s Office: $69,871

The average salary for WOMEN in the County Executive’s Office: $52,383

On average, men make $17,488 more than women in Mark Poloncarz’s own office. That means women working for Erie County's champion for pay equity pays women 75 cents for every dollar he pays men - even worse that the hypocritical White House.

Out of the 13 people working in the Office of Erie County Executive, eight are men and five are women. Of course the highest paid worker in Poloncarz’s office is a man: Deputy County Executive Rich Tobe pulling in a whopping $127,571, which is approximately $24,123 more than what the County Executive himself makes.

The lowest paid worker in Poloncarz’s office is a woman: secretary Junior Smothers pulling in a paltry $28,704.  She earns almost $100,000 less than Deputy County Executive Tobe.

Maybe next year on National Equal Pay Day the ECIDA can pass a resolution encouraging Poloncarz to pay women in HIS office as much as men.

No question Junior Smothers will be waiting anxiously all year long for her raise - just like the women of the Obama White House.

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