The New Kathy Hochul Has Local Pol Lost Her WNY Decency? By Michael R. Caputo

Here in Buffalo, we must be rubes. I mean, we must be totally out of touch with the way things are done in polite society. Because when political opponents meet at the St. Patrick's Day Parade or at the Marilla Memorial Day Parade, they shake hands, exchange pleasantries and don't let their rivalry dampen the day.

Here's Rule #47 in campaigns: the parade isn't about you. In this case, it's about working men and women celebrating far more than your candidacy. You're a guest. So park where you belong, follow the rules and treat everyone with respect. Act otherwise and you dishonor those celebrated.

All those enlighted politicians from New York City do it differently. Watch this short video from showing Gov. Andrew Cuomo's opponent in the Democrat Primary, Zephyr Teachout, trying to simply say hello to him at the New York City Labor Day Parade. First you see Cuomo's henchmen bodily blocking her from getting close to Il Duce. Then Teachout tries to outflank the thugs and dips back into the Governor's entourage via Kathy Hochul, the kindly local pol from Hamburg.

Then it happens: Hochul turns her back on Teachout, as rudely as a wicked stepmother at the ball. Teachout even gently touches Hochul on her arm, one woman-in-the-arena to another. Nothing. Hochul pretends the fingers touching her bare arm exist in a parallel universe.

I graduated from Hamburg High School. I know Cuomo's hand-picked Lt. Gov. candidate Kathy Hochul like most people from Hamburg do: she's always been nice and down to Earth, even when she disagrees. My family knows her and likes her and I've spoken highly of her even though we disagree because she's always kept her local charm. Until now.

Who would have thought Hochul would lose her Western New York brand of grace and class so quickly after jumping on the Albany Insider bandwagon? You expect that kind of crass behavior out of Andrew Cuomo. Even after a few years in Congress, she stayed graceful, like she never set foot on Capitol Hill. Apparently a few months in the Cuomo bubble has scrubbed Kathy Hochul clean of any sense of decency.

Take a moment to watch the New Kathy Hochul. Welcome to the big leagues, Kathy. Wow. 


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