Dems Launch First Attack on GOP GPSgate Bipartisan Criticism of NYGOP, RACC Growing By Michael R. Caputo

Downstate Democrat New York State Assemblyman Edward Hennessey today released a television ad tearing up his Long Island opponent Dean Murray for attaching a high-tech tracking bug to Hennessey's car. As expected, the criticism is scathing:

They hired someone to attach a secret GPS tracking device to Ed’s car, recorded everywhere where Ed drove and the records went right to Dean Murray. If Murray thinks putting a tracking device on another person’s car is okay, is there anything he thinks is wrong?

State Democrats jumped all over the issue after the New York Daily News revealed a private detective hired by the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee had secreted a GPS device on Hennessey’s car. The gambit was allegedly set to prove the incumbent legislator actually lived outside of his district. 

Republican operatives across the country have decried the tactic as "crossing the line" and insisted State party officials condemn the action and roll a head or two to protect the party from obvious criticism. Not surprisingly, New York State GOP chairman Edward Ridley Finch Cox IV - tone deaf, as always - has doubled down on stupid and called the tracking in bounds.

The chairman doesn't see the full-throated screaming irony of Richard Nixon's son-in-law saying surveillance is completely acceptable in political campaigns. Meanwhile, every other human being on the planet gets the cracked optics of his blunder.

Watch the ad below - the next shoe dropped on the heads of Republicans, with more to come. Next up: a New York Daily News editorial and more, for sure.


[NOTE: the Hennessey TV ad's imbed code is broken. Until it is fixed, click here to view the ad.]

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