Hoskins the Horse Abuser Back in Court Surprise: She Treats Humans Like Her Horses By Michael R. Caputo

Western New Yorkers know how convicted horse abuser Beth Lynn Hoskins manipulated the court system for years, then was imprisoned for her antics. Hoskins, recently released from jail, will reprise her act Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court to keep her ex-husband from seeing his daughter - something she's done successfully for 10 years with the help of a court system gone awry.

What most don't know: Hoskins treats humans like she treats her horses. Tuesday March 10th at 330pm in Part 21 of the Erie County Courthouse at 25 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, Supreme Court Justice John F. O'Donnell will decide the fate of a little girl and her father caught in the wake of an unending, cynical and twisted legal game.

For a decade, Hoskins has made incredible claims against Jeffery Mark Stacey, an Orchard Park native who had the unfortunate circumstance of being married to her. Soon after his daughter was born, Stacy endured an interminable series of expensive court manipulations similar to those Hoskins made infamous while clawing to keep her emaciated, dung-caked animals.

Hoskins accused Stacey of a wide variety of untrue actions, ranging from domestic abuse, drug use and gun running to dating a cross dresser and sneaking onto her property to inject her abused horses with his/her hormones. Each allegation, little by little, destroyed a good man and isolated a little girl.

None of the stories Hoskins told to get orders of protection were ever proven; they were pure delusional fantasy. But nonetheless Justice O'Donnell kept Stacey from seeing his daughter for 10 long years. A cynical person might think something hinky is going on in that court room, but every lawyer and judge I know respects O'Donnell.

Reading this case file, I can't for the life of me see why. I plan to find out. You can too, by attending the Tuesday hearing with me.

Hoskins even served Stacey with four billion dollars in horse-related lawsuits while he laid in a hospital bed, burned raw by cancer chemotherapy. Clearly, she was trying to drive him into an early grave. (These bogus lawsuits are being dispensed with separately. Today, Stacey is in remission.)

I've known Jeff Stacey since high school; you couldn't find a more giving, gentle, loving, and bright man on this planet. In contrast, The Horse Abuser is about as close to a bunny boiler as any woman I've seen. You want to get really creeped out? Watch the Youtube video she posted of herself singing "Wont' Back Down" in a clear message to the courts. Be sure to endure the talentless off-key screeching and moaning until the end for the insane laughter.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Hoskins has also inherited millions from her clearly overindulgent parents. And she isn't just spending it to neglect horses - she wants to pound her ex-husband into the ground as fast as her attorney can invoice it. 

Which brings to mind: If you know Hoskins' attorney, Joan Adams, maybe you should ask her if she sleeps well at night - or if she really believes Stacey is sneaking onto Hoskins' property, a la Bluto, injecting horses with trans serums. Because she gets paid handsomely to peddle that crap.

And for some inexplicable reason, Justice O'Donnell has been buying it. But that was before the entire region discovered the true nature of Hoskins The Horse Abuser.

The Adams-Hoskins relationship is yet another reason to despise the legal profession. As if any more were necessary.

The courts and the media have lost patience with Beth "Orange is the New Black" Hoskins when it comes to animal cruelty. Tuesday afternoon, we'll see if they care as much about a child and her father as they do about horses.

[I wrote about this once before, on Christmas Eve, in a piece I called "The Evil Queen and the Great Hunter" - then I interviewed Jeff on WBEN. If you care about justice, read and listen.]

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