And You Thought The Horse Abuse Was Bad? Help a Father See His Child By Michael Caputo

We're raising money for legal fees so a good man can see his ten year-old daughter again after he was kept from her for a decade by a woman who Western New York knows well. Too well.


You may know Jeff Stacey. If you don't, you should. There may not be a kinder, gentler person on this planet. He's from Orchard Park, but he is loved by many people across Western New York.

In 2005, he fell in love with and married a very bad person - a very rich bad person later convicted on 52 counts of animal cruelty. You may have seen dozens of news stories  about her cynical court manipulations to keep her abused horses. She finally went to jail in December 2014.

[Please read more about her conviction on 52 counts of animal cruelty at this link: CLICK HERE]

His marriage soured quickly, but not before his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Soon after, she had Jeff arrested on false charges that were eventually dropped. Regardless, he never saw his baby girl again.

His ex-wife, an heiress to a manufacturing fortune, spent upwards of a half million dollars to fund an unending series of expensive court delays similar to those she made infamous while clawing to keep her dung-caked horses. Shockingly, the court played along.

She made a variety of false accusations to get bogus orders of protection. None of the incredible stories she told were ever proven. Each allegation, little by little, destroyed a good man and isolated a little girl. Nonetheless, the court has kept Jeff from seeing his daughter for 10 long years - for no good reason.

He hasn't held her in his arms. Nor have her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, nor any other member of her father's side of the family. She doesn't even know they exist.

The wealthy heiress drove Jeff into financial ruin. She served him with four billion dollars in bogus lawsuits while he laid in a hospital bed, burned raw by cancer chemotherapy. He can no longer afford a good attorney. Still, he never gave up. But that doesn't work in New York where you only get what you pay for in the courts. Recently, his court-appointed legal aide even moved to clear his friends and family out of the courtroom. Not her brazen attorneys - his own!

Please help. We, his friends and family, are raising money here to get Jeff the legal representation he deserves. Western New York is familiar with his ex-wife; they know she is an abuser, a convicted felon with a prison record. It's time we stood up for a father who just wants to see his daughter - an innocent little girl who deserves at least the same chance those horses got for a better life.

Please give generously. Thank you for your donations.

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