Back off, Byron No Mayoral Control of Buffalo Schools By Carl Paladino

Mayor Brown hears voices who want "change."  Unfortunately those voices are status quo advocates riled by the BOE minority to oppose change.

Does the mayor want mayoral control to extend the status quo and re-empower those who have fed at the public trough, or is it really about educating children?  Are we looking at politics or a sincere effort to improve our community?  If it's the latter, then where has he been all these years and why isn't he supporting vouchers, tax credits and downsizing the district in favor of Charters.  

We have defined a reform agenda, upsetting entrenched advocates for the status quo and exposing the underbelly of an institution wrought with incompetence, morale problems, lack of leadership, waste and friends and family rather than merit promotion and appointment.  Acrimony is a necessary evil to effectuate critical massive change needed to correct the dysfunction.

Our vision is to expand successful criteria schools, engage an experienced Education Partnership to teach our English learners, implement neighborhood schools to engage parents, slash busing, promote successful Charter schools, provide a residential (SEED) school for at risk children, reclaim management prerogative lost by weak negotiators to the unions over the years, extend the school day and year, incentivize good teachers, rid the district of bloat, close unnecessary buildings and infrastructure, hire competent staff, replace incompetent staff, re-install discipline to deal with violence and bullying, actually take real attendance and really deal with the attendance problems, promote and hire based upon only merit, lower class sizes, promote parent participation in the education of the children, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, our interim superintendent lied about his intent to begin to implement the majority's reform agenda, costing us time and inviting endless caustic rhetoric.  He is our mistake.  We will correct that mistake.

A national search for a permanent Superintendent is ludicrous. Looking within the district recognizes that leadership requires a knowledge of institutional history as well as the abilities and qualities of the people expected to urgently implement reforms while another generation circles the drain.  We wasted 15 years listening to hollow promises and condemned another generation of children back to poverty by bringing in three carpetbaggers from the outside, who, having no other roots in the community, became pawns of the majority who appointed them which in turn resulted in the appointment and promotion of incompetents to positions of critical importance to fulfill the friends and family program which empowered the former majority.

With no actual regard for the education of the children, Phil Rumore, Crystal Peoples, Rev. Pointer and the Grass Roots political organization have sat on their behinds for all these years, happy with the cycle of poverty which has held generations of children captive in our inner city.  All of a sudden they now seek to push back to reclaim the empowerment that the unions and African American leadership lost in the last election.  They will lie, exaggerate, fabricate, conspire and do just about anything fathomable to re-empower themselves.  Just below the surface the opposition is intent on frustrating and covering up efforts to investigate the unaccounted funds missing from the Joint Schools Construction Project.

Barbara Nevergold, Florence Johnson and Pamela Brown as BOE representatives to the Joint Schools Construction Board allowed the Program Provider to hide the disposition of $539 million of taxpayer money, with a claim that it is proprietary information, a claim with no basis in the law.

Mayor Brown must just stand aside and leave it to others to do the heavy lifting.

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