Slim and No Chance Mayoral Control of Buffalo Schools a Farce By Carl Paladino

As it stands now the chances of Mayoral control of the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) are one in 10. If it were to pass State government, it will never survive in the courts. 

The lack of basic understanding of constitutional law by Byron Brown and Darius Pridgen is astounding. What if every time we disagreed with one of their decisions we threw them out of office?

As for Robert Wilmers, John Koelmel, Alphonso O'Neil-White and the group of 18 liberal elitists trying to manipulate from behind the curtain, this loss will show that they and the Board of Education minority (former majority) have become irrelevant as leaders in this community. In the past, they gave us three incompetent carpetbaggers as BPS superintendents who came with no institutional knowledge and talked big but didn't have the ability or gut to stand up to those parasites who breed off of the power and money of the BPS.

How many additional family members are Grassroots and New York State Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes looking to put on the BPS payroll? She already has two no-shows on the Municipal Housing Authority.

She also wants to set quotas to replace the merit system with a race-based system to destroy what is left of morale in the Buffalo Public Schools.

The cowardly conspiracy of Black elected and unelected leaders, union bosses and private business people to maintain the status quo for their own empowerment with no regard for the thousands of children now held hungry and uneducated, circling the drain, as captives in the cycle of poverty, is solely for the purpose of providing the voting base for liberal candidates.

It is no secret that that ineffective leadership of the past resulted in the generational dysfunction of the schools that we suffer today.

"Mayoral Control" is an act of desperation, similar to the incompetent minority Board members who, for lack of any articulate, intelligent argument, comment or solution on an issue, blurt the race card.

This attempt to remove from office reform-minded school board members, elected specifically to change the direction of the BPS, is an affront to the taxpayers and parents of Buffalo and an unconstitutional abuse, illustrating only the desperation of those whose watch has ended.

As a member of the present Board of Education majority who entered the arena, I say to the ingrates seeking mayoral control: You don't have the guts to lead - or any desire to follow - so get the Hell out of our way.

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