The Friday Five Come On, Did He Really Just Say That? By Peter Herr

This week's Friday Five includes 4 solid cases of "Did he/she really just say that?" It's awesome when people just provide us material that is pure gold.

1. Carl Paladino is at it again. Here's some great video of Carl at the Buffalo gun rally last week. He is flanked by freshman State Assemblyman and former radio rant guy, David DiPietro. The event starts with Tea Party Grand Poobah Rus Thompson suggesting we cut off New York City and let it float out to sea (he made sure to insist the United Nations can float away with it). Carl opened his speech bemoaning what our country has become and then throughout the video, the comments from the audience - which Carl dutifully agrees with and repeats - show what this country has really become. My favorite is when he talks about "them coming and chipping away at our rights because we'll be at work," which he actually just repeats from an audience member like some kindo of Bizarro World call and response. The audience comments are the best part of this video. The next day, by the way, Carl threatened school board members and the administration. So if you missed him, he's back.

2. Sticking with the crazy train, social media was all abuzz when WBEN radio rant guy, Tom Bauerle apparently said that the American government is a worse threat than Al-Qaeda. Sadly, the same freshman Assemblyman from Carl's Rally Against The Guy Who Whooped His Ass, sat and didn't object to the statement. Later, DiPietro said he didn't hear Bauerle say it and anyway he didn't agree with the comparison.

3. In some serious kind of bizarre, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott launched an ad campaign to urge New York gun owners to move to Texas in the wake of Governor Cuomo's new NY SAFE Act. Apparently, in Texas, the Attorney General doubles as the head of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Kind of a weird combination, but it is Texas.

4. Who is Sergio? Well, he may be running for Mayor of Buffalo as a Republican, or he may have just bet a bunch of people he could get mad Twitter and Facebook followers without paying for them. No one really knows yet, but if I was going to run for anything from mayor to Cub Scout den mother, I'd want this resume.

5 Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem. So the answer to "Did she just say that?" is no. At least not that day. Can we get some Congressional hearings over this, please? This is important. This is so important, perhaps we can get Colbert to testify again. That really helped Congressional credibility.

Happy weekend, friends. When you watch the Pro Bowl this weekend, relish in the fact that Tom Brady won't be there, probably only because he's a sore loser.

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