The Walter Fair Share Plan Fairness for Taxpayers By Ray Walter

Erie County has a bright future; we can all feel it. It’s this bright future that fuels my campaign for County Executive.

There are a few ways that county leaders can lighten the terrible tax load on you and your family. Sales Tax revenue is a big part of it.

Today I want to tell you a bit about my “Fair Share Plan.” It’s not the 1970s. It’s the 21st Century. When I am County Executive, Erie County will terminate our antiquated, 1977 sales tax sharing plan and distribute these dollars more fairly.

It’s time we fixed this fundamental unfairness. I will be a county executive for all taxpayers in Erie County, not just those areas where I get the most votes.

I will enact a sales tax sharing plan that distributes revenues equally among all communities in Erie County, fairly and evenly by population. No more pitting communities against one another.

We will also significantly increase the revenue we share with school districts, the single largest driver of our property taxes. This will help stabilize and cut property taxes while investing in our classrooms.

My plan will dedicate $100 million more to education over the next four years!

Elect Ray Walter County Executive, and the troubled Buffalo Public Schools will get a 19 percent increase in their sales tax sharing revenue — a 7.5 million dollar shot in the arm every year, at a time when they need it the most!

It’s their Fair Share!

If you review my plan you’ll see the increased sharing, town-by-town, school-district-by-school-district. It’s remarkable what an impact this has where most people live.

The path to fairness is not being stuck in the past, it’s looking to the future. Together, we can create the 21st Century Erie County our families deserve.

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