Skelosi Trial a Casablanca Remake Shocked There's Corruption in this Establishment! By Michael Caputo

The Skelos Crime Family trial is with the jury, and it doesn’t look like a lay up. Many expected the verdict within hours, but the jury asked for a lot of trial documents. According to Politico New York, it could be awhile.

Forty-three minutes after heading to closed-door deliberations, Juror No. 4, a 50-year-old woman from Westchester, sent a note to Judge Kimba Wood requesting the transcripts of testimony from nine witnesses, six phone calls, a dozen government exhibits, two defense exhibits and a whiteboard.

The news coverage of the corruption trial of the former New York State Senate leader and his hapless son has been hilarious. It's hard to top Adam's unintentional imitation of a gangster caught on a wiretap written up by the Albany Times-Union. No wonder he earned the nickname "Fredo" amidst the laughter:

A. SKELOS: You had an opportunity to work with someone who could get a lot of things done for you, but now it’s done.

[Redacted:] Like what?

A. SKELOS: It’s done. I’m not going to go there. I’m not going to say this on the phone. You could have heard those opportunities in person, but you wanted to not do that. For some reason, you thought you were more important and more powerful because you have a few members that, that have diners. Okay. Who gives a s__ about diners? But that’s fine. You do you —

[Redacted:] You’re upset.

A. SKELOS: — I’ll do me.

Today was no exception: you really must read reporter Jim Dwyer’s article in today’s New York Times. Manhattan real estate king Leonard Litwin paid the bill for the 2012 Republican Senate majority and, at a victory party, Skelos wasted no time to start the shakedown for his son.

Having pledged to be their good and faithful servant, Mr. Skelos then managed to distress Mr. Litwin and Mr. Dorego with a request at the end of the meeting. His son, Adam, was going into business and perhaps they could do something to help him.

After spending prodigiously — if legally — to restore the Republicans to power, it appeared that the prospect of a little more for the Skelos household was not only out of the question, but downright ungrateful.

Litwin’s fixer, Charles Dorego, testified under immunity that this upset the boss. Like Claude Rains in Casablanca, Dwyer writes, the billionaire was “shocked - shocked! - to discover there was gambling going on at Rick’s Café Américain."

That's funny stuff, I don't care who you are!

Funny until you realize Dorego, Litwin and Company promptly delivered the bribes Don Skelos had requested. Then, when you realize nobody from Litwin's gang is going to jail - it's downright infuriating. 


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