Is everything really Donald Trump's fault? Protester violence out of control By Ron Heppner

Earlier in the primary season a 78 year-old man in North Carolina sucker punched a protester who was flipping off Trump supporters and the Republican nominee was blamed for inciting violence. When his campaign manager was accused of a bogus battery charge in Florida by a publicity-hungry reporter, the media Trump blamed for creating the situation.

Californian’s have raised the level of violence to whole new level. In California it is Donald Trump’s fault when adults jump up and down on police cars. These same miscreants claim Trump’s comments justify assault and cause them to for rip, steal, and burn Make America Great Again.

In San Jose, Marcus DiPaola, a freelance photographer following the Trump campaign, posted a video of someone getting punched violently in the face.DiPaola said he called 911 but was put on hold and so hung up. He said he told one police officer about the beating but was told SJPD “didn’t have the man power” to intervene. “Morons,” he said. “How do you not staff 911 for an event of this size?”

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press, praising the city’s police. How in the world is having 911 on hold Trump’s fault and why is the mayor patting his bumbling police force on the back? The Clinton-supporting mayor of San Jose dropped the ball, perhaps intentionally and instead of admitting his failure he blamed Trump, get real.

Granted, Cali protesters are a completely different breed. Some are Deadheads, always on the lookout for the next adventure since Jerry died. Some are activists for the environment, or gay rights, animal rights, or whatever the cause du jour happens to be. At the San Jose event there were also reports of gang activity and of chants to turn California back into Mexico.

I attended the Trump rally in Buffalo which was extremely well-organized by law enforcement. Barricades were erected to keep protesters away from attendees, there were police on horses, and helicopters flying overhead. Afterwards Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard was criticized for hauling protesters out of the arena.

I saw the whole thing, these were not innocent bystanders voicing an opinion, they were organized protesters. Shortly after Trump took the stage two protesters started blowing whistles from behind the stage. Then a group of protesters who had positioned themselves right in front of the media platform formed a human chain, a technique used by organized protesters.

Law enforcement proceeded to pull them apart and drag them out. They were dragged because they went limp to make it more difficult for the officers, this is a well-known tactic taught by protest organizers. The sheriff was right there on the floor supervising. When questioned by local media, Howard said, “My team responded exactly how we rehearsed while planning for the event, and this is the same way we react at concerts or sporting events.”

After the rally the local news reported that protesters had attempted to block the Metrorail station. But due to adequate law enforcement efforts this disturbance was immediately squashed by stick-wielding officers. I generically refer to law enforcement because there were officers from just about every police organization in Erie County and beyond.

In the big picture, the dozen or so protesters were successful at drawing more media attention than the rest of the 16,000 Trump supporters in attendance. Since Buffalo’s rally was non-violent shouldn’t the media have praised Trump and Sheriff Howard? A little organization goes a long way, but don’t try telling the mayor of San Jose. After all, Donald Trump made the mayor’s constituents behave like animals.

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