The Demorats' Collusion Delusion You Accuse Treason, You Better Be Right By Michael R Caputo

I'm absolutely certain there's no Trump-Putin connection. I was there in Trump Tower; I had the strongest ties to Russia. I know all the players - some, like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, I've known for 30 years.

But still, I'd have to be pretty naive to construct my certainty from that alone: I wasn't in the dominant leadership group of the campaign and plenty went on which I didn't see. What confirms my certainty is my unshakable knowledge that President Donald Trump would not betray the United States of America.

I served my country in several capacities. I believe I know love-of-country when I see it. Several years ago, I had the honor of one-on-one conversations about America with Donald Trump the businessman. We talked about the Founders, the Constitution, our military, the future. He spoke often of his deep appreciation for the gifts his parents and his nation gave as he built a successful and blessed life for his family. And he spoke earnestly of his deep and abiding love for our nation.

I simply cannot believe Donald Trump would ever betray his country, nor tolerate any betrayal in his ranks.

In the end, it's not just my firsthand knowledge of Russia that informs my belief there is no Trump-Putin connection. It's not just my firsthand knowledge of the campaign, either, it's my lucky firsthand knowledge of the President. Today, I am glad I asked those important questions when I had the chance, long before he ran for President.

This is my unvarnished perspective. To me, it's not an opinion, it is a fact: Donald Trump simply would not do this. I have close friends who viscerally disagree, but I've never before been so certain of something so important.

This will all be cleared up soon. People I know who know say the FBI is probably just a few months away from wrapping up. I think they'll come back with nothing proved from all the wild accusations. Hopefully, by Christmas, the whole political charade will be over and the President can get things done.

But what of the people who called me and my friends traitors? What happens to them? If you accuse someone of treason, you damn sure better be right. This will be proven categorically false - I wonder who then gives us our reputations back?

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