The Friday Five Super Bowl Edition By Peter Herr

Rumor mills, pay disparities, downgrades and baby mommas make up this week's Friday Five.

1. The rumor mill is starting to churn out names of potential challengers for Stefan Mychajliw for the Comptroller's Office. A few weeks ago it was Senator Tim Kennedy. This week it is former County Executive Dennis Gorski. Two questions.... Would Gorski want to step back into the fray and take a job that is lower on the totem pole than the last job he held? And two... didn't Joel of the multi colored budgets Giambra beat him last time around because Gorski ran budget surpluses? We can't have that in Erie County. The Republicans in the Legislature just proved they don't much care for balanced budgets. (On a slightly different note, if you would have told me a few months ago that I would ever be able to spell Mychajliw without looking it up every.... single.... time.... I would have laughed at you.)

2. The New York Daily News reports that there are nearly 1500 New York State employees that make more than the Governor. Cuomo's 2012 salary was $179,000. The top salary was...wait for it...$1.06 million. Maybe Cuomo made some changes in salary scale and because he was technically a new hire in 2011, he ended up in his own tier 6.

3. Moody's Investors Services announced on Wednesday that it is downgrading the City of Binghamton's credit rating. In other news, on Thursday an application for a Capital One card and a cardboard cutout of Alec Baldwin showed up at Binghamton City Hall.

4. Rumor mills are not exclusive to the upstate region. (Although we do it damn well.) The downstate chit chat machine saw disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner's name show up on a poll of potential candidates for the upcoming Mayoral race in New York City. Weiner took his self-imposed dishonorable discharge from Congress after it came up that he tweeted pictures of his namesake to a woman. Now his name shows up on this poll. When it comes to running for the position of NYC's Big One, the competition will be stiff, and the question bears asking, does Weiner have the balls?

5. The final entry in this week's "Friday Five" is not politics, but was amusing enough that it needed to be mentioned, and Super Bowl weekend was perfect timing. Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback and football commentator Dan Marino admitted this week that he, indeed, fathered a love child with a former CBS employee. GASP....OMG...... the best part is that he paid the child's mother millions and moved her and the kiddo to Texas to keep it quiet. As I wrote in a Buffalo Stuff piece called "Dear Megalomaniacs," these dopes think these things are going to stay quiet? Not a chance. It's only cool banging Dan Marino, Tiger Woods, or Bill Clinton if you can tell people about it. I, for one, am looking forward to the awkward pauses during the Super Bowl coverage when Marino has to talk about sacking, tight ends, and the two minute drill. Without the Bills to root for, or the Patriots to hate on, I have to find other little things to amuse myself.

The tweet of the week goes to Channel 2's Kevin O'Neill (@KevinBuffalo) "Ironically, for most of his career, Dan Marino had really good protection."

Happy Super Bowl weekend, everyone. I wish cool commercials, hot taco dip and Beyonce singing for real to all of you.

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