Hey GOP Leaders: You Got Trumped You're Not the Only Game in Town By Michael R. Caputo

Since Inauguration Day, President Donald Trump has tried to work with Republicans. Many threw up roadblocks; some were downright hostile. When the President left for his Bedminster working vacation, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell left the Senate in session intentionally to block the Presidents key appointees. I think that stung.

In Bedminster with his family, President Trump clearly came to realize there's little functional difference between a Congressional Republican or Democrat today. They all work for the same lobbyists; they all swim in the same swamp. They are all a part of the problem he was elected to fix  

President Trump now knows he underestimated how much Congressional Republicans enjoy frolicking in the swamp. He's wise to look elsewhere to drain it. And since he returned to Washington, he has wisely been noticeably holding his cards close to his vest. (Have you noticed how often he's said "We'll see" this week?)

Importantly, there's also little functional difference between the Democrat and Republican positions on the debt limit. The President saw this opportunity and took it: he cut a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer and sent a clear message to recalcitrant Republicans that their days of hubris are over. He's not just going to sit around quibbling with GOP leaders any longer. It's time to go to work.

Make no mistake, if Congressional Republicans don't get with the Trump program, President Trump may cut deals with the Dems on DACA and taxes and infrastructure and health care and more.

This is a defining moment of the Trump presidency and a “look at yourself in the mirror" moment for the Republican Congress who, on the current course, are setting themselves up to have zero to run on in 2018

Thats a loser for the Party, and obviously, the President sees that as a loser for him and the American people.

Wednesday, this President made it clear he will not accept a failed legislative record going into 2018. He'll get things done, even if that means working with Democrats on common ground. Think about it: how long will the Democrat obstruction strategy hold when key members of the caucus walk away, one by one, to get their personal priorities signed into law?

That's smart negotiating. That's the Art of the Deal. That's why we elected him. Godspeed!

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