Mueller Team Off Track, Losing Cred Special Prosecutor Must Clean Up His Team By Michael R Caputo

As Congress's Holiday vacation begins, California Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier is spreading a rumor that the White House is going to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller while everyone is focused on Christmas. Don't believe a word she says.

Rep. Smear lied about me and my family on live television twice, once accusing me of a federal crime. As a result, I’ve filed a Congressional ethics complaint. She’s a serial fabricator, a slanderer, and if she’s the one behind a rumor, you can bet it’s not true. 

President Donald Trump isn’t going to fire Mueller. He doesn’t yet have the support in Congress to do it, and he won’t get it: in firing the Special Prosecutor, he’ll erode his approval rating to levels that are toxic to Republican incumbents in the 2018 mid-terms. That certainly sours his jury pool in the unliklihood of impeachment.
Instead, Mueller needs to get his shop in order and move resolutely to conclude this inquiry. The texts and emails sent by his top aides Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissman were declarations of membership in the Resistance. He’s fired Strzok and his mistress. So come completely clean on all of that and then reassign Weissman to latrine duty. That would be a step toward regaining unassailable credibility, but Mueller should do even more. 
I think the President knows firing Mueller would isolate him. Anyway, why do this in the blush of his biggest legislative achievement - historic tax cuts - and spoil negotiations for a bipartisan infrastructure bill? These two achievements, in concert with the Gorsuch SCOTUS nomination and regulatory reform, are together substantial first year wins.
Out here in flyover country, us middle class folk will do pretty well in the new tax cut plan - last minute changes even keep most beleaguered New York taxpayers happy. I think it’s a great Christmas present. Unfortunately, Friday our family also had to sign up for yet another more expensive and less effective year of Obamacare. That’s a big lump of coal for me and my family. So no thanks for that, Republicans. 

When I think of tax cuts, I think of my old boss, Jack Kemp, a tax cutting evangelist. Jack would have voted for this bill in current circumstances, but if he would have made it better and the rationale would have been much clearer: Growth is good for ALL! Today, Republicans are losing the message war on tax cuts when their plan is a rising tide for most boats.

But Jack would have insisted on monetary policy reforms, too, because tax and monetary policy go hand-in-hand in classic supply side economics.

There’s nothing wrong with the Republicans 2018 mid-term chances that sustained 3.5 percent growth can’t fix - and according to the New York Federal Reserve, we'll close 2017 with closer to four percent growth. The President should keep in mind that you get growth from policy prescriptions like tax cuts, regulatory reform and deft monetary policy - not from firing a special prosecutor. 

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