What Did Mark Know and When Did He Know It? And Who the Hell Told Him? By Michael R. Caputo

This whole Al Dirshberger rape allegation is profoundly disturbing. Of course, watch as his case never inspires Western New York progressives - he's a prominent Democrat, after all.

Interestingly, it appears Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who appointed Dirshberger as head of Erie County Social Services, may be telling a few versions of his side of the story, particularly in his recollection of how he first heard about the alleged rape.

At a Thursday press conference, Poloncarz said the first time he heard of the rape allegation was directly from an Albany Police detective on December 23rd. There's a WKBW-TV report on his statement, as well as this transcript from WBEN:

29:17 Harold McNeil Buffalo News “so you were informed directly by the Albany Police.....”
Poloncarz: “by the Albany, by a representative of the Albany police department, that there was an ongoing investigation. And Mr. Dirschberger was a person of interest.”

In an apparent shift of his narrative, the Sunday Buffalo News seems to walk back what the County Executive first said about how he heard of the incident. Now, it's from a county employee:

Poloncarz  maintains he had no knowledge of the investigation until Dec. 23. Anderson said that's when First Deputy Commissioner Sharon Rochelle – one of the conference attendees – broke her silence.

"Sharon was instructed by the investigating detective to refrain from telling anyone, even the administration, about the investigation until she was cleared to do so by him," Anderson said. "Obviously, she was uncomfortable doing this ... Sharon complied with the investigator’s directive until he did indeed advise her that she could inform the administration of the investigation, which she then did, and the administration acted immediately."

This sounds like conflicting information to me, and on such a terribly sensitive subject. It's also remarkable that the News treats Mark with kid gloves for changing his story. Imagine how they would savage Chris Collins!

When I posted this apparent discrepancy on my Facebook page, Mark was quick to demand a retraction in the comments:

MARK POLONCARZ: Wrong, and actually this is libelous because I never said what you are claiming. So I will give the courtesy of deleting this false post Michael. Here is my statement as when and read to local media December 28.

I provided the County Executive with the WBEN and WKBW information. (I also promised to delete my Facebook post if he proves the news organizations are wrong - but I'm not holding my breath.)

Curiously, the Poloncarz administration seems to be slut shaming the alleged victim, insisting Dirshberger was fired for fraternization, asserting the alleged rapist's claim this whole thing was consensual. That's a pretty bad look for a "champion of women," if you ask me.

Where are the anatomically correct pink hats and marching feminists? Where is the handwringing and faux outrage? Nowhere, and we all know why: because the accused is a Democrat. If this were a Republican County Executive, they'd be out in force calling for heads to roll. 


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