Caputo Demands Dems Stop Sexualized Attacks Poloncarz, Zellner Paying for Attacks

In the wake of a USA Today columnist's attack on his toddler daughters, former Trump campaign director Michael Caputo is demanding Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and the local Democrat Party stop funding a Western New York media company promoting sexualized attacks on his family.

After columnist Cheri Jacobus posted several tweets suggesting Caputo's toddler daughters should be raped, he organized an online campaign to alert USA Today and The Hill newspapers to their writer's sleazy comments. Friday morning, USA Today announced that they fired Jacobus and The Hill newspaper is said to be considering the same course.

"The same deranged hate coming out of Jacobus is bubbling up from the depths of the Erie County Democrat machine," Caputo said. "WNYmedia, the digital team for Mark Poloncarz and County Democrats, has promoted similar tweets on their Web site, amplifying sexualized attacks on my family on behalf of the Party."

"You would think that in this era of #MeToo, local Democrats would disavow this kind of activity, but their hate is profound," Caputo said. "Poloncarz and local Democrat chairman Jeremy Zellner have a choice: disavow WNYmedia's attacks on my family, stop paying for those attacks, or own up to their implicit endorsement of these attacks. But they won't, because local Democrat insiders tell me both men are encouraging Marc Odien of WNYmedia in these attacks and that the Party is actually paying Odien to do it."

Caputo points to one story on WNYmedia which promotes an anonymous tweet accusing his wife, Maryna, of manipulating him with sex on behalf of the Kremlin. Maryna is actually from Ukraine, a country at war with Russia. (

"In mature politics, families used to be off limits. Today, Poloncarz and Zellner are funding attacks on my wife," Caputo said. "If they don't disavow this activity and stop paying for it, I wonder: are their families now fair game for attacks? Because I know how to attack."

Caputo recently accused Zellner and Poloncarz of ordering the Erie County Water Authority to stop a payment to his company. Here is just one tweet about Mrs. Caputo promoted by WNYmedia on behalf of Zellner and Poloncarz:





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