You Left Republicans in a Mess, Chris Is This a Full Blown GOP Crisis? By Michael R. Caputo

Republicans of New York’s 27th Congressional District are lucky to have a deep bench of very qualified candidates interested in running as a replacement on the ballot for indicted Congressman Chris Collins. We should know more in a week or so, according to the eight county GOP chairmen deciding. It’s a tough choice; their process begins at an important meeting Tuesday night at Batavia Downs.

Bank on this: the battle for control of the House of Representatives may turn on one seat, and this reliably Republican district could go blue without a fight. If so, it could turn into a full blown GOP crisis.

Normally, this is a coveted safe Republican seat and many good people have entered the fray. Four of them are my friends; they’re friends with each other. Every single one can defeat Democrat nominee Nate McMurray in this deep red district - a few would bury him. But Republican Party members don’t get to choose, not even the hardworking committeeman who knocked on dozens of doors to collect petition signatures to put Collins on the ballot for re-election.

This is the part of electoral politics I hate: when county GOP chairs must make decisions for the base. It’s happened too often in NY27, the legendary Jack Kemp’s district - a succession of incumbents killed their careers with scandal or left early and mysteriously. This resulted in bruising special elections, unexpected primaries, and hurry up drills like this one. Republican Primary voters already decided and picked Chris Collins. That blew up. There’s no time to take it to the voters again. That’s one reason we have political committees: to fix messes like this.

Now, it’s up to the district chairs, much to the frustration of the rank-and-file. This is a scenario where the most deserving and viable candidates are sometimes ignored and an insider favorite is picked instead. Many political party chairs across the country hate this kind of process, too. Some love it - it‘s their highest aspiration. 

But, frankly, there's just no other way to get Collins off the line and install a replacement in time. Republican committeemen like me have to trust the process.

NY27’s GOP county chairs believe they have mechanisms to get Chris Collins off the ballot. This is complicated and will absolutely land in court. NYS has the most litigated election law in the country: its arcane, its opaque, its ridiculous, its frustrating, and its a full employment program for attorneys. For the chairs, it’s like playing handball against a mattress.

Right now, the chairs believe they have this under control. They might, they might not, I don’t know. Here’s what I do know: there’s still a damn good chance Nate McMurray ends up running against Chris Collins’ suspended campaign. Or Collins runs. Or... I’m not an expert, but I don’t think we really know yet.

I feel better that the top election law guru in New York, Democrat Marty Connor says it can be done

“It’s tricky, but it’s possible, absolutely,” election-law expert and former Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Connor told The [New York] Post.

Still, it’s terribly complicated, and that’s why Collins didn’t drop out and instead only suspended his campaign. He may have to run after all. And dont forget, Collins has long known the dire straits Republicans  face to hold the House. He’s also known he is doomed for weeks. Still, he did not step down until now.

Let that sink in.

This is moving fast. This morning, there are upwards of 15 Republicans seriously vying for consideration to replace Collins on the ballot in a process that may be tossed out in court. Top national and state Democrat attorneys are jumping into the mess. Everyone has an opinion; nobody really knows. It’s a political nerd’s Rubiks Cube, and if you listen carefully you can hear sounds of furious clicking coming from Washington, New York City, Albany, and Main Street in Buffalo.

Welcome to NY27 where #MAGA started, the nation’s most pro-Trump congressional district, the most Republican CD in NY, where the vast majority of voters clearly want a Conservative Republican who will fight for President Trump’s agenda.

Where our Congressman left us in a bind so bad we may just elect a Democrat who doesn’t even live in the district.



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