Wochensky: NYS Tax Cheat or Non-Resident? Langworthy Takes a Swing at Dem Assembly Candidate By Michael R. Caputo

(BUFFALO, NY) - The chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, Nicholas A. Langworthy today asked New York State Tax Department officials to examine East Aurora resident Luke Wochensky's state tax status, noting the Democrat Assembly candidate recently testified under oath that he had not paid state taxes while he claimed to be a state resident.

In a July 31, 2018 court hearing in Albany, New York, an attorney for three East Aurora residents and Assemblyman David DiPietro questioned the residency of Wochensky, who lived and worked in Russia for over a decade until recently. According to the New York State Constitution, a person must reside in the State for five continuous years to run for State Assembly. In that hearing, Wochensky claimed he was a state resident for the required five years, but did not file a New York State tax return in 2014 and 2015.

"I find it odd that Luke Wochensky was not required to pay taxes on his income, if he was a resident," Langworthy wrote in a letter to state tax authorities. "Many people work outside of New York State, yet are required to pay New York State Income tax on salary earned outside of New York."

Wochensky lived in Russia for many years and he’s a ghost in America before 2016: for years he had no car, no cellphone, no insurance, no home, no bills, no voting record, no footprints whatsoever. And even though he insists he lived here, Wochensky paid no New York State taxes for at least two years. 

"The voters of the 147th Assembly District deserve to know: was Wochensky a five-year resident of the State of New York and file as a non-resident to avoid New York State Taxes - or was he a resident, as he claims, and failed to pay his state taxes?" Langworthy asked.

"The people of Erie and Wyoming counties work very hard to pay needlessly high state taxes. If Wochensky wants to serve them and caucus with the tax-and-spend Democrat caucus, his voters deserve to know the truth about his failure to pay his own state taxes."

The title of that action was CLAPP  et al v WOCHENSKY et al, Albany County Supreme Court Index Number 04796-2018. On page 39 – 40 of the transcript, Mr. Wochensky stated under oath that he did not file a New York State tax return in 2014 or 2015.

Download the court transcript HERE.

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