Friday Five Snowmageddon Edition By Peter Herr

As people flood the super markets in frantic search of milk, cookies, Cheerios, and olive loaf to ride out the latest incoming world ending snow storm, this week's edition of Friday Five features influence, a veil lifted, the casino gamble, complete delusion, and Super Bowl lessons.

Earlier in the week Business First released their "Power 200: WNY's Most Influential People" list. Disappointingly, I didn't make it again. (I didn't even make the 200 most influential people on my street list, but there's always next year). The final 40 names don't post until tomorrow, but there are a few names of note. Doug Marrone of new Buffalo Bills head coach fame has been in town for all of 20 minutes and he lands in the 198 slot. Imagine how the two people who finished below him feel. Lindy Ruff finishes at number 85. Um... he can't seem to influence the guys that work for him. The other fun one is number 195, Michael Kane, who is the President and CEO of our local OTB. Struck me as odd, but maybe it's just sour grapes.

Well, we know who Sergio is now. He's the Republican candidate for Mayor of the City of Buffalo. Sadly, he is no longer a man of mystery. No longer that bad boy from downtown. I'll look fondly back on the days when he was Buffalo's enigma.

The best bet for entertainment this week is the casinos, and not because the KC and the Sunshine Band reunion tour is stopping by. There are some intense negotiations over what the future will look like for casinos in New York . The stalemate over revenue sharing continues, with the City of Niagara Falls getting S...C...R...E...W...E...D in the deal. Summary: state allows racinos, Senecas say they aren't paying, Cuomo says we'll allow other casinos. On the other hand, the Senecas, who haven't paid their dues in a while, say "we should get the rights to own and operate a casino in downtown Rochester." Perhaps we can run their credit rating to see how well they've paid their past obligations?

Did anyone catch Tom Bauerle's psychotic break on Facebook as he called out Brad Riter in what was the strangest display of overcompensation for I'm not even sure what. It took bizarre to a whole new level. And I quote:

"I guess at 6'-3" he doesn't want to tangle with a guy who is 5'-7" and built"

Any day now, management at WBEN is going to wake up and realize that they want programming that is actually above the Jerry Springer show. Perhaps I will start to listen again then.

Everyone will remember Super Bowl XLVII . It won't be because Ray Lewis won in his last game ever. It won't be because two brothers coached against each other. It won't be because Beyonce's halftime show was a technical spectacle to behold and the costumes were sweet as well. It'll because someone used the microwave and coffeemaker at the same time in the usher's break room. Interestingly, the break caused a complete momentum shift in the game. I am wondering if we could institute a blackout rule in politics. When gridlock in the Capitol gets so bad it's like Pizza Hut wings, we toss a toaster in the Speaker of the House's toilet and take 25-minute break - but they can't leave the room.

Stay warm, and remember: this is Buffalo. We all know how to drive in this.

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