866 Days... Happy Dicker Day! Albany Insider Scribe Ends Record Run in Cuomo's Corner By Michael R. Caputo

Money may be changing hands today in the Legislative Correspondents Association office in the New York State Capital, as the political press could be busy settling an old bet: how long will New York Post political editor Fred Dicker be Cuomo's cheerleader?

The dean of the Albany political press officially ended his long romance with Governor Andrew Cuomo in his popular column today, taking a broadside shot at Cuomo's preoccupation with his approval ratings. Dicker accuses the governor of failing to act on vital issues for fear of a dip in the popularity polls.

Known for exchanging unprecedented access to governors for his unabashed support, Dicker ended his breathless backing for this chief executive after what could be a record run: 866 days. This count begins September 29, 2010 - the day Dicker provoked Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino into a much-publicized altercation at Bolton Landing.

The dust up put Cuomo comfortably out of reach for the rest of the campaign - and put Dicker on Cuomo's speed dial.

Passages like this from Dicker's column today, indicate that, at least, he and Cuomo are seeing other people:

The insiders describe Cuomo as hypersensitive to criticism and prone to argue at great length with anyone who says his administration has, as one of its own members put it, "run off the tracks."

"He's running around like a banshee, blaming his staff and everybody else for the problems of his own making," said a highly knowledgeable source, adding, "I'll be a dead man in Albany" if his identity is disclosed.

So, Happy Dicker Day everyone! And congratulations to Jimmy Vielkind of the Times Union who probably won the Dicker Pool with the closest guess at 245 days.

And don't feel bad for the Governor and Fred - think of their savings on Valentines Day!

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