McCracken Draws Democrat Primary Financial Advisor Wes Moore Says 'People Deserve Better' By Michael Caputo

Erie County Legislator Terry McCracken drew a Democrat primary opponent today as Lancaster financial advisor Wes Moore threw his hat in the ring. The surprise development opened yet another front in a factional war troubling the Erie County Democrat Committee.

In a noon press release, Moore, a Lancaster resident, took a swipe at McCracken without using his name. "We have no representation, we have a legislator who is tethered to his other high paying public sector job and can't deliver basic representation for his district."

"His continued absence speaks volumes. I deserve better. My neighbors deserve better," Moore said. "The people of the 8th district deserve better."

A registered Democrat who has never run for office before, Moore has held branch manager positions with Wells Fargo, Greater Buffalo Savings Bank and Key Bank. He currently serves as Director of Strategic Alliances for MassMutual Financial Group, based out of their Amherst office. Moore also owns a financial planning business, Marcellus Financial Services.

Moore promises a vigorous campaign and has already started reaching out to Democratic Committee members within the 8th Legislative District.

While McCracken is allied closely with Erie County Democrat Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner, sources say Moore is aligned with the Steve Pigeon-Frank Max Democrat faction giving Zellner headaches. The group's lawsuit challenging Zellner's 2012 election was recently tossed out by the courts. Insiders were waiting for the next shoe to drop - and now they've got one.

Moore's McCracken challenge assures internal Democrat warfare will continue, pleasing the local GOP. Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy has said gaining control of the County Legislature is the party's highest priority in the coming election cycle.

"Let them fight. Let Moore mark up McCracken, let McCracken mark up Moore. Let Pigeon continue pounding on Zellner," an influential Republican told "I don't care who wins on primary night, McCracken or Moore. He will be so wounded our candidate in the eighth will walk right past him in the general election."

The 8th legislative district comprises the Town of Alden, Town of Lancaster, Village of Depew, and a swath of the eastern portion of the Town of Cheektowaga, including the Losson-Borden area and Southline.

Moore lives in Lancaster with his wife and son. He is active with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, Cheektowaga Soccer Club and Lancaster Youth Basketball. Moore graduated from Westminster College in Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in political science.

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