PoliticsNY.net Poised to Post Buffalo News Home Addresses What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander By Michael R. Caputo

In response to the public outcry following the Buffalo News' Freedom of Information (FOI) request filed to obtain the list of all registered gun owners in Erie County, New York, PoliticsNY.net has pledged to publish the names and addresses of the News' reporters and editors if the newspaper prints any names and addresses of local gun owners.

As publisher of PoliticsNY.net, I took to Twitter this morning to make this pledge following an exchange on the social network with a Buffalo News reporter. According to Michael Caputo, "If @TheBuffaloNews runs a story revealing even one Erie County gun owner I'll publish every reporter's name, address on PoliticsNY.net." (@MichaelRCaputo)

On another assignment, I researched the names and home addresses of Buffalo News reporters and staff in 2010 and holds what I believe is a fairly complete list. I am busily purging the information of staffers who have departed the newspaper in the last two years.

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs has stood firm refusing the release the gun registration list to the Buffalo News for the same reason many in Western New York are applauding his stand: we don't trust the Buffalo News to keep their promise to not publish a Journal News-style map revealing personal information. Since I am probably the only person outside the News personnel office who has this information about their employees, I feel it is PoliticsNY.net's responsibility to post all of it online if they publish even one name and addresses of any Erie County gun owner.

I am uploading the list of Buffalo News employees today but blocking public view of the data. I'll be ready to publish the list of News employees in the twinkle of an eye if the newspaper puts local gun owners in harm's way. I'll press one button on my iPhone and the gander will get what's good for the goose.

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