The Friday Five Inaugural Edition of a Weekly Feature By Peter Herr

As we get this Web site rolling again and start to see what it is people actually want to read, I thought I would try a regular column on Fridays called "The Friday Five" - just a quick and dirty look at five things that happened during the week that deserve a little recap. Here's the inaugural addition.

1. Mychajliw's Rookie Mistakes - This was a Buy One Get One Free deal and who doesn't love a BOGO? County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, that's who. He touted the "I don't care about political party, I'm going to hire the best and brightest" line and he followed that up by hiring Jeff Bochiechio as his Chief of Staff. Bochiechio has no comptroller office experience at all; he's a Republican patronage hire, recycled from the Collins fundraising apparatus. (PS: I don't care, Stefan. You should hire whomever you want in your office. It's a political office and you need political operatives. Saying otherwise was the mistake.) The get one free part of the deal was Bochiechio's undisclosed DWI in Machias. Rookie mistake number two was the lack of due diligence in the hiring. If it is true that Bochiechio didn't disclose it - and I take Stefan at his word - I hope someone gives him a Republican wedgie or takes away his cigar cutter or whatever the Republican punishment is for screwing your boss. When another youthful GOP operative screwed his boss video baiting Jack Davis, he won a trip to Florida.

2. The Buffalo Bills released renderings of the proposed Ralph Wilson Stadium renovation project today as they toured the Erie County Legislature around the stadium. I am Bills Billiever and think we need to do whatever it takes to keep them here. As of today, we need to figure out how to put together a new stadium deal in six years, right before the seven-year itch clause in the new lease lets the team pull out. I also think they should also figure out how to turn the Ralph into a snowboard/skateboard park, as I am not sure what else you could use that place for... guessing the Erie Community College Kats aren't drawing 70,000 fans per game. Am I the only one who thinks should this entryway be sponsored by NOCO or some other gas station? More sponsorship opportunities the better, I say.

3. In response to Governor Cuomo's new gun legislation, the NRA released this PSA on gun safety... or maybe they didn't.

4. Technology In the political arena - Is anyone else watching with amusement the Facebook linkfest going on between County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Comptroller Mychajliw? As a political blogger, I just want to thank them both for making my job easier. Is anybody auditing Facebook usage on company time?

5. Kudos to County Executive Mark Poloncarz for pointing out the sheer goofiness of the IDA structure that gives tax breaks just for the sake of giving tax breaks. But since the system currently works so well, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that is applying for ECIDA tax rebates for opening our massive media operation here in WNY. We have no intentions of creating any real jobs. As a matter of fact, as soon as Caputo isn't looking, I am going to take a page from this guy's playbook and outsource my own job to China. Truth is, we just want the taxpayer coin. You can write the check to me. That's H....E....R....R. Is a sensible regional IDA plan that actually attracts or keeps businesses here too much to ask for?

Happy weekend, y'all.

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