Dem Sheriff Candidate Not Big on Cuomo, Obama Bert Dunn's Texts Sound Like Republicanese By Michael R. Caputo

Today was a big day for Bert Dunn. The Candidate for Erie County Sheriff is new to politics, a fresh face who wants to land on top of a ticket Democrats hope wins big in 2013. He hails from a wealthy family and promises to spend whatever it takes to win. He's also a lieutenant in the Sheriff's Office and has solid experience.

Just not at using a cellphone.

Here's the content of a text he sent to a Republican named John in Elma, who asked him for a yard sign:

Thanks John. Dem, Republican, Conservative, Independent, etc. The Sheriff's office is not very political, but in NY you have to run as something. I'm not an Obama or Cuomo fan. Ronny Reagan is my favorite President. I'm fiscally conservative. But you cannot run under the conservative banner alone, you need a major party. I'm hoping many Republicans look at me and see a guy who shares their values on justice and fiscal issues. Which are the most important issues for the Sheriff. Any help would be appreciated, at any level. Let's have a coffee or sandwich together when you have time (I'll make it work, in fact I spend a lot of time in Elma and regularly eat at Altons, Subway and get my coffee at the Tim Hortons on Bowen) At worst we can talk about hockey.

The newcomer apparently regretted pressing send on that long, rambling Republican oath. He texted again: "So John I know I got off on a tangent, but anyways..."

Yeah, anyways.

Unfortunately for Dunn, he apparently "replied to all" on a text that went out to far more than just Elma's Republican John. Party stalwarts are already upset about the diatribe - and his Democratic primary opponent Dick Dobson of Wales just got a powerful shot in the arm.

A little advice to the newbie: no matter how much money you have, it's best not to take a big dump on your party's two most senior and popular elected officials on the day you announce. Because you just doubled - no, tripled - the cost of your primary.

Just sayin'.

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