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Langworthy Takes A Swing At Dem Assembly Candidate


Gunner Letter To Highway Supes

Caputo Demands Local Democrats Stop Funding Sexualized Attacks

Closing Statement

Michael Caputo's Opening Statement

School Charters In The Era Of Trump

By Refusing In 1992 To Tell The World Of Bill Clinton's Sexual Offenses And Hillary's Attacks On His Victims, We Face Them Again In 2016.

Pence Gave A Gift To The Trump Campaign. Will They Use It Wisely?

The Kremlin's Influence On The Clintons Is Obvious. How Is This Possible?

Donald Trump Will Pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence For His Running Mate.

Hillary Clinton Dodges Charges But The Fbi Director Marked Her Up.

A Reprise Of A Sad Story, Still Unresolved

Can Anyone Clean Up Albany Or Washington?

Skelos Crime Family Trial Is Actually A Casablanca Remake

Marco Rubio Is A Quietly Effective Force To Be Reckoned With.

Why Is It So Hard To Live And Work In Nys?

Why Fight To Keep A Majority If We Do Nothing With It?

If You Don't Vote, They'll Just Keep Stealing Everything In Sight.

As Sheldon Silver's Trial Begins, We Salute The Scumbags Of Albany.

It's Too Late To Say "it's Still Too Early."

Ecida Passes Gender Pay Equity.

Sen. John Flanagan Thinks Upstate Ny Gun Rights Advocates Are Easily Distracted.

Chris Grant Did No Wrong, So Who Gives Him His Reputation Back?

Another Scandal At The Va

Amherst's Weinstein And Marlette Covet The County Bed Tax

Radio Talk Show Host Bob Lonsberry Has News Of The Weird On Paul Gullo

Now We Know Who We Can Really Trust In The New York State Senate Gop.

#nukedean 5/6/15
Dump Dean Skelos With The Nuclear Option

I'm Sorry For Being Hurtful On Social Media - There's No Excuse For It.

Carl Paladino Makes His Case For Staying The Course.

Jim Hillery Taught Me More Than Just Basketball.

Todd Potter Hopes To Oust Kevin Hardwick.

Ray Walter Will Give Mark Poloncarz A Race.

So Many Taxes, So Little Time!

Amherst Councilman To Challenge Loughran

We're Raising Money For Legal Fees So A Good Man Can See His Ten Year-old Daughter Again After He Was Kept From Her For A Decade.

I Decided Not To Run For County Executive For Many Reasons. Here's Why.

A Cynical Person Might Think Something Hinky Is Going On In The Nys Supreme Court.

Don't Pop The Cork Until You Read The Bad News

If You Thought The Democratic Nomination Process Would Be A Clinton Coronation, Maybe Think Again.

Is Politics Driving The Snowplow Battle Between Boston And Erie County? And What The Hell Do Simon And Garfunkle Have To Do With It?

Brenda Freedman, Erie County Family Court Referee And Nys Supreme Court Referee, Is Running For Erie County Family Court Judge

Stop Complaining: Nys Senate Leader Joe Bruno Was Cleared Of All Charges And Deserves To Be Paid Back For Defending Himself.

The Buffalo Comptroller's Brief But On-target Response To The Passing Of Former Governor Of New York Mario Cuomo.

It's Hard To Celebrate Christmas When Your Imprisoned Ex Wife Still Manages To Keep You From Your Daughter.

Step Right Up, Everyone's A Winner In The Erie County Government Budget Process! Step Right Up!

In Assembly District 146, One Candidate Has Absolutely Zero Life Experience And Douchey Beard Stubble. Hint: It's Not Ray Walter.

You'd Be Surprised What Went On Behind The Scenes In Erie County Government When Democrat Election Commissioner Dennis Ward Decided To Run For Nys Supreme Court. Or, Maybe Not.

Johnny Destino, The Democratic Candidate Running For Nys Senate, Is Ready To Make A Difference For The People Of Western Ny.

Steve Meyer, The Democratic Candidate Running For Assembly In District 146, May Be Young But Offers A Fresh Perspective On Wny.

An Albany County Attorney For Children Said A Family Court Judge Wrongfully Kept A Father Away From His Son Based Upon False Allegations. Now That Judge Wants To Be Re-elected.

Republicans Across Upstate New York Know Paul Gullo Is A Grifter. Now The Rochester Police Do, Too - And They Cuffed Him For It.

You Might Have Expected It, But You Heard It Here First: Power Brokers And Committee Votes Have Lined Up To Defeat Erie County Democratic Committee Chair Jeremy Zellner.

High-tech Surveillance Of A Democrat Legislator By New York's State Republican Assembly Campaign Committee Is Knocked In A New Ad.

Recently The Rochester, Ny Police Department Suffered A Tragic Loss, Shining The Light On The Issue Of Gun Violence And The Real Problems Behind It.

Is Secretly Placing A Gps Device On A Lawmakers Vehicle A Valid Campaign Tactic? No Way, Says A Veteran Republican Campaign Operative. And Gop Leaders Must Disavow It Now.

During The New York City Labor Day Parade, Gov. Cuomo's Opponent Tried To Politely Greet Him And Hamburg's Own Kathy Hochul. Here's What Happened.

Keep An Eye On John Cahill - He's Got A Real Shot At Beating Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. But Don't Ask The New York Times. They're Covering For The Ag Because He's Their Source On Moreland.

When Michael Brown Was Killed By A Cop, Many Voiced Concerns About Abusive Police Force. According To A Former Cop, There's Plenty Of Reasons.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson, And Film Director Spike Lee Have A Lot In Common. Most Of All: They're Pigment Whores.

Hard Work Is Nothing New To Bill Clark, Democrat Candidate For Erie County Clerk. He's Not Afraid To Make Changes And Cut Through The Bureaucratic Red Tape That Strangles Good Government.

Foiled Emails Indicate The Buffalo And Erie County Library Director Steered Taxpayer Funds To Influence The 2011 County Executive Race. Will County Legislators Investigate The Inappropriate - Maybe Illegal - Use Of Taxpayer Money?

Rob Ortt, The Mayor Of North Tonawanda, Declared An Unexpected Campaign For New York State Senate Tuesday, Stepping Into A Void Created By Sen. George Maziarz's Retirement. And He Might Just Win.

When A New York Attorney General Brings A Lawsuit Against A Prominent Business Person, There Are Two Things You Can Count On Out Of That Office - Lots Of Political Bluster And Little Accountability.

If You Called Up Central Casting And Said "send Me A Concerned Mom," New York State Assembly Candidate Angela Wozniak Might Show Up At Your Door. But She's Not Your Stereotypical Pol - And That's Her Appeal.

The Comptroller's Audit Of The Buffalo And Erie County Public Library System Is Interesting. Even More Compelling: What Politicsny.net Found In The Library's E-mails That We Foiled Two Months Ago.

It Is Time For Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz To Recognize Failure In His Department Of Social Services, Act On It And Put The Welfare And Safety Of Our County's Most Vulnerable Ahead Of His Politics.

It's Time For Erie County Department Of Social Services Commissioner Carol Dankert-maurer To Resign. Instead, She Has Yet Another Plan For Avoiding Future Tragedies. Yes, Another - You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

Justice Was Served Last Friday In The Case Of Longtime Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. The Former Lion Of The Legislature Is Victorious - And He Deserves To Get Paid.

Dems Challenge Gop To 'repudiate'

It's Good Policy - And Great Politics.

What Do County Legislators Actually Do?

Men Make Far More Than Women In Poloncarz's Office.

A Politicsny.net Series Begins.

A Tribute To The Honorable Jack Kemp.

And What Wny Owes The Bills.

The Erie County Library Wants To Tax You More.

State Legislature Leaders Say No To Another Seneca Casino.

Calling All Leftists - Eddie Egriu Is In The Game Now.

Local Gop Town Chair Asks Everyone's Burning Question.

Suny At Buffalo Students React To Governor's Prison College Plan.

Why I've Changed My Mind On Donald Trump For Governor.

Are The Senecas Breaking Nys Law On Lobbying?

America's Business Leaders Want Action In Congress.

Andrew Cuomo Thinks You Can't Do Math.

Can't See The Forest Through The Trees? Don't Cut It All Down.

Entrepreneurs See Donald Trump As Their Last Hope.

Fighting A Cuomo Is Far Too Extreme - Just Ask Tom Golisano.

The Gop Has Been Offered A Game Changer. Let's Take It.

It's Not Always Better To Be Lucky Than Good.

If Cuomo Thinks It's Over, He Wasn't Listening Saturday.

Zellner's Base Is Disappearing - Can He Hold On?

Broadway Market. Where Else Do You Go When You Want Polish Dish?

Among Us Mice, There Are Great* Men.

I Don't Like The Anti-fracking Law, But Not Just Because It's Stupid.

Your Gift Can Help A Little Girl Heal At Christmas.

Nyt Bestselling Author Roger Stone In Buffalo Thursday

Why Is The Conservative Party Is So Influential In Elections? Check It.

What Cuomo Is Trying With "green Tech", Obama Failed At 33 Times.

In The Erie County Legislature, Sometimes Seniority Breeds Entitlement.

Hurry Up! It's Lenihan And Zellner To The Water Authority.

Gov. Cuomo Must Stop Blocking An Investigation Of His Administration.

Voters Want Proof Of Gaughan's Paid Taxes - And Who Loaned Him The Money.

Comptroller Endorses Lorigo And Tips The Scales.

Think Ed Rath Told Wben He Wants To Be County Executive? Read On.

The 2014 Erie County Budget Holds The Line On Property Taxes.

The Democrats Want You To Think The Sky Is Falling. It's Not.

Dunn Goes From Democrat Party Nominee To Sideshow Barker.

Looks Like Two Can Play The Moreland Commission Game.

With Mistakes In His Wake, The Erie County Exec Could Draw Primary Opponents.

With The Wfp Behind Him, Montour Gains Gotv Troops.

For Erie County Legislature Democrat Staffers, It's Time To Stock Up On Tissues.

Turns Out, The Erie County Comptroller Is Just Another Pol.

Time To Tune Up That Erie County Democrat Vetting Machine.

Never Forget 9/11/13
On 9/11, I Don't Just Remember The Dead. I Remember The Living Who Wonder Why They Survived.

Erie County Was Vindicated By Fema This Week, And Finally The October Surprise Storm Is Behind Us.

Lack Of Oversight In New York State's Elections Cost Me The Satisfaction Of Knowing That My Vote Counted

Last Night, An Informal Group Of Influential Democrats Calling Themselves "democrats For Dixon" Held A Fundraiser In Her Honor.

The Big Story This Week: President Obama Descended From Heaven And Blessed Buffalo. Who Needs Four More?

Mayor Who? 8/23/13
When President Obama Forgot Who Was Mayor Of Buffalo, You Knew This Was Coming.

The Buffalo News Thursday Published A Letter-to-the-editor From Lynne Dixon's Opponent. It Was Hooey.

Sure, Grab Some Wings - But There's More To Western New York Than Deep Fried Foods And Leering Ladies.

Buffalo's Former Fbi Boss Says Violent Crime Isn't Down In The City - Lying On Police Reports Is Up.

Who Doesn't Love Reggie Witherspoon? Ecc Loves Him Six Figures, Redundantly.

Stop...and Don't Frisk, Shelly Silver Racks Up The Miles, Obama Shuffles Off To Buffalo, Send In The Clown, And Who Wins The Buffalo Mayoral Debate?

Need Proof There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat? Well, Here You Go.

Silver Does What He Does Best, Interns Behaving Poorly, Hillary On Tv, Bezos Buys The Washington Post, And New York Politics Gets Better Every Day.

A Lawsuit To End Erie County Primary Challenges Fails In Court.

This Brooklyn Neighborhood's Ballot Looks Like A Sex Addict Rehab Roster.

Say What You Will About Wny Politics, But At Least Our Candidates Don't Make Us Look Like Fools.

As I Was Reviewing The Week In Political News, It Became Apparent That There Were Some Good Things That Happened, Some Bad, And In This Week's Edition, One Really, Really Ugly.

The President Of Ecc Hated A Politicsny.net Story. We'll Let Him Tell You Why.

With Mclaughlin's Military Service In The Vietnam War And 30 Years In Veterans Services, Poloncarz's Appointment Is A Bulls-eye.

More Weiner Than You Can Shake A Stick At, The Nsa Wins Watch Who You Call, Rangel Chooses His Successor, Apple In A Slump, And The Wandering Dago.

Erie County Democratic Chair Zellner Missed A Key Deadline - But It May Actually Help Him.

What Caused A Huge Enrollment Drop At Ecc? Pick A Reason; There Are Several.

Three More Ny State Senators Could End My Friend's Horrible, Invisible Pain.

Last Week Was A Huge News Week. Here's A Few Things That Slipped By As The Nation Battles The Heat, The Zimmerman Verdict, Detroit's Bankruptcy And A Couple Of New Candidates In High Profile Buffalo Elections.

Lawyer And Activist Kevin Gaughan Is The Democrat Candidate For Erie County Comptroller. Here's Three Reasons He Was An Excellent Pick.

There Are A Few Questions I Would Like To Ask The County Executive If I Was A Legislator This Week.

Bacon Is Delicious. Are The Chinese Going To Mess With That?

Rebooting Disgraced Politicians. Run, Sarah, Run. Why Is Buffalo So.....? Idas Suck. And Disney Isn't A Movie Company.

Eliot Spitzer's Return To Politics Would Just Be Comical If He Hadn't Killed My Friend.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw's First Audit Was A Disaster. Who Watches The Watchdog?

Eliot Spitzer Is Back, So Let's Review His Entire Record Of Illegal Activities.

Five Things I Am Thankful For This Fourth Of July Weekend.

These 4th Of July Gatherings I Suppose Have Their Uses. If You Will Indulge Me, I Will State What I Suppose To Be Some Of Them.

Carl Paladino Was Sworn In As A Member Of The Buffalo Board Of Education. What Happens Next?

The Erie County Democrats' Comptroller Quagmire Bodes Well For Republicans, For Sure - But The Backstory Stinks.

We Can Pay For Silver's Defense, A Vigilante On Trial, The Governor-cycle Gets A Face Lift, Ny Legislatures Fail On Corruption And Comptroller Wants Headlines Not Good Audits.

If This Were Baseball, The Erie County Legislature Is A Single-a Short Season League Without Much Talent.

Speaker Silver's Refusal To Pass The Womens Rights Agenda Wasn't An Attempt To Leverage Protections Important To Women For Political Gain. Honest.

Cuomo May End Up Being Hamstrung By The One Thing That He Never Addressed When He Had The Chance - The Dysfunctionality Of The State Legislature.

Charter Schools, Budget Votes, Casinos, Obesity Disiease, And Super Heroes.

It Sure Looks Like I Won't Take My Son To The Rath Building For Advice Anytime Soon. Mark Poloncarz Has Taken His Ball And Gone Home.

We Have The Right To Self-defense, And Our Founders Assured Us The Right To A Viable Means To Survive And End A Deadly Conflict.

Tony Dolan Was Ronald Reagan's Most Eloquent Speechwriter. When His Father Passed Away, Tony Wrote One Of The Finest Speeches Of His Life.

Albany Pols Cut Disabled Funding, But They Want Taxpayers To Pay For Their Campaigns. Follow My Plan And We'll Fund Both!

If Emails Eliot Spitzer Wrote When He Was Ny Attorney General Come Back To Bite The Former Governor, Ag Eric Schneiderman May Be The Biggest Loser.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Finds Jpmorgan Chase Repugnant - But He Won't Return Their Donations.

Sucky Silver, Retro Primary, Can I Get You Some Rice, Or Some Cheetos, Or Some Drug Resistant Diseases?

Cuomo's Bill Gives Pro-abortion Advocates Everything They've Dreamed Of - A More Permissive Environment For Abortion With Virtually No Legal Limits.

Attorney Jennifer Stergion Has Announced Her Candidacy For The Erie County Legislature's 3rd District Seat For The November 2013 General Election.

Lifelong Cheektowaga Resident Lynn Dearmyer Today Announced That She Is Running For The Erie County Legislature In The7th District.

Some Erie County Democrats, Upset Their Chairman Isn't Calling Endorsement Meetings For All County Legislature Races, Asked The State Party To Intervene.

It Is Incredible To Me That The New York State Democratic Party, The Party Of Eleanor Roosevelt And Hillary Clinton, Looks The Other Way For Sheldon Silver. It's A Disgrace.

If You Want To Legislate Morality, Take A Look Around Your Own Shop First.

Leaving Public Service, County Legislator Tom Mazur Penned A Heartfelt Letter To His Constituents.

Friday Five 5/31/13
Tea Party At It Again, Silver's Breakfast, China Loves $4.72 Billion Worth Of Pork, Grisanti Is The Pac Man, And Jimmy Buffett's Not Exactly Wastin' Away.

If Erie County Dems Wanted To Defeat Comptroller Mychajliw And Sheriff Howard, It Just Officially Got Harder.

Maybe The Symbolism And Message Of The Albany Corruption Scandals Are Much Harder To See From The Mean Streets Of Depew.

Business Loves The Common Core, Tax Free At Soo Nee, Bowling Shoe Laws, Suicides And The Tech Bubble...or Not?

Comptroller Mychajliw Uncovered A Serious Breach Of Document Security. Then He Took Those Papers, Held Them For Six Weeks - And Said Nothing To The County Executive.

Amidst Lopez Sexual Harassment Scandal, Mickey Kearns Quits The Assembly Democratic Conference While Calling On Speaker Silver To Resign.

Rich Ex-presidential Wannabees, Rebooting Candidates, Gropez Lopez Gets Off, Sheriff Joe In Wny, And Yummy Bugs.

Does The Wny Democrat Assembly Delegation Stand With Speaker Sheldon Silver - Or Women In The Workplace?

Behind A Proposal In A Rath Building Parking Garage Encounter Was The Nexus Of All Things Political In Western New York: Potholes.

Elections, Non-public Public Meetings, International Incidents, Ethics Training, And A One-way Trip To Mars...

If Carl Paladino Has Rod Watson Rooting For Him, All The Planets May Really Have Lined Up For The Developer To Save Buffalo's Public Schools.

Erie County Gop Chair Nick Langworthy Will Not Issue The Wilson-pakula Waiver Orchard Park's Democrat Supervisor Needs To Run As A Republican. And That Ain't No Rumor.

Too Much Government, Even For Me, Ag Suing For Animals, Casino Politics, Another Win For Women...or Not....coumo Is Second Team, And Lies On Austerity.

I Want To Kill The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction - But That Might Encourage Even More Irresponsible Government Spending.

Erie County Independence Party Members Led By Mary Rose Gaughan Are Raising Some Money, But State Indy Officials Cry Foul.

A Tuesday Buffalo News Story Suggested City Hall Was To Blame For The Exit Of A Time Warner Cable Employee. Turns Out, Politics Had Little To Do With It.

Chris Jacobs Keeps Putting Up Wins. As It Turns Out, The Erie County Clerk's Office Is Responsible For Half The County Surplus.

Tacos For The Win, Pretty Lousy Legislation, As I Recall, Low Donation Elections, Tweeting Mayhem, And Chris Collins Has A Playbook That Is As Predictable As The Sunrise.

Mike Norris Was A Tough But Fair Niagara County Republican Committee Chairman, But He's Leaving To Become Lockport Town Attorney.

By Choosing A Wealthy County Sheriff Candidate, Erie County Democrats Are Going From Rags To Riches. How Will They Retool Their Message?

In A Country Where Women Make Up 51 Percent Of The Electorate, Women Only Hold 18.3 Percent Of The Seats In The 113th Congress.

Party-hopping Forgiveness Has A Price - And Should Erie County Legalize Drugs?

If Cuomo Boldly Attacks Corruption Today, He Clears A Narrow Path To Defeat Hillary Clinton In The 2016 Democrat Primary.

Bombs, And A Filibuster, And Divided States, And Ricin And.....beer.

Local Political Show Heads To Sunday Afternoons

National Gun Control Is Dead, But Soon Enough They'll Parade More Victims In Front Of Cameras For More Knee-jerk Legislation.

Drug Use Will Not Disappear, But The War On Drugs Should. In A Free Society, The Power Of Persuasion Should Be Preferable To The Force Of Coercion.

I Thought Listing My Email Address With My Politicsny.net Stories Was A Good Idea. Boy Was I Wrong.

Pokies, Loopholes, Asteroids, Weiners And Congress Screwing Something Else Up.

Poor Bert Dunn. The Sheriff Candidate Can't Shake His Master's Degree In No Common Sense.

When Democrat Bert Dunn Was Winning Over A Republican Via Text, There Was A Bigger Audience.

If You Don't Want To Be A Responsible Voter, The Entire System Will Cater To Your Level Of Apathy Or Lack Of Education. God Bless America.

Walmart Delivers, Big Bucks In The Lottery, What Will Hillary Do, Invasive Species And Corruption. Sounds About Right.

Good Government Can Be Had Through A Collaboration Of People, Technology And Local Pride.

A Buffalo Law Firm Closely Connected With The Democrat Party Has Been Asked To Represent Erie County In A Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit. Many Are Wondering If They Are The Best Firm For The Job.

The Erie County Democratic Committee Announced Today That Executive Director Melissa Bochenski Will Be Leaving Her Position For A Private Sector Job In Government Affairs

Erie County Legislature Republicans And Democrats Are Working With County Executive Mark Poloncarz To Save Taxpayers Millions And Still Fund Libraries.

Hamburg Democrat Michael Schraft Has Thrown His Hat In The Ring Against Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon, And That's A Tough Race For A Newcomer.

When Things Go Wrong For Erie County Democrats, They Often Blame Steve Pigeon And His Axis Of Evil. And Nobody Is More Pleased Than The Gop.

Perhaps New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Can Be Criticized For A Lot Of Things, But His On Time Budgets Are Really Quite Remarkable. So, Here's The Governor's Victory Lap In His Own Words.

As Christians World-wide Commemorate The Day That Jesus Was Crucified This Good Friday, I Always Wonder And Never Ask, What's So "good" About Good Friday? It Certainly Wasn't A Good Day For Jesus. So, In That Spirit, Here's Some Not So Goodies For You To Think On This Week.

In His Drive To Bring Casino Gambling To New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Playing Hardball With The Seneca Nation And He Laid Down The Law In A Recent Meeting With President Barry E. Snyder, Sr.

Erie County Democrats Are So Busy Cutting Each Other's Throats That They're Hobbling Their Campaigns - And Republicans Are The Real Winners, In The End.

We Don't Know Much About Cuomo's Gambit To Build Support Among Women Voters For His Bid For The Presidency - And That Dearth Of Information Is Disturbing.

The Ny Safe Act Is So Bad, Tens Of Thousands Of New York Gun Owners Have Protested The Measure For Weeks. Even Andrew Cuomo Is Blinking. Whats The Best Way To Express How Bad The Law Is? A Youtube Meme, Of Course!

Sixy-four Teams Begin; Only One Will Win. So, All You Have To Do To Have A Perfect Bracket Is To Pick 63 Winners. Piece Of Cake, Right? Well, Not Exactly. Here's Some Other Things That Fire Up The Madness Quotient In March.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Raised Taxes On New Yorkers Again In His 2013 Budget. But Will He Suffer In His 2014 Re-election From Breaking His Tax Pledge? We've Dumped Presidents For Less.

Wwjd? 3/19/13
With Democrat Primaries Popping Up Against Erie County Legislature Incumbents, Maybe It's Time To Reinterpret A Popular Bumper Sticker: Wwjd?

Norther District Us Attorney Richard Hartunian Should Do The Right Thing, Stop Wasting Everyone's Time And Money, Forget The Appeal And Throw The Case Against Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno Out.

"i Treat My Body Like A Temple. You Treat Yours Like A Tent" -jimmy Buffett

Us Marine Sergio Rodriguez Says If You Want To See A "more Involved Mayor Administration" You Can Look To Syracuse And New York City. But If You Want A More Involved Mayor In Buffalo - He Says Elect Him.

If China And The United States Can Work Together To Keep A Lid On North Korea, Surely Any Political Alliance Is Possible. So, Here's An Idea: Gun Rights Advocates, Team Up With Marriage Equality Activists!

What Kind Of School Board Member Will Carl Paladino Be When He's Elected? There's More To The Buffalo Developer Than The Headlines.

Nothing Like A Hollywood Theme To Hold It All Together For A Week. And Some Of This Stuff Actually Sounds Like It Was Written For The Silver Screen, Because It's Hard To Believe It's True.

For More Than A Decade, State Sen. Young Had A Star Property Tax Exemption On Two Properties, An Albany Condo And Her Cattaraugus County Home. But There's Nothing To See Here - Just Blame Her Husband.

Wben's John Zack And Susan Rose Interview Politicsny.net Publisher Michael Caputo About What Buffalo Can Expect From Carl Paladino On The School Board.

A Fema Report Says Erie County Owes The Feds $48 Million From The 2006 October Surprise Storm Recovery But The County Executive Says They're Full Of It.

Happy First Annual Sequester Day! It's Been A Helluva Week - Hawley Wants To Secede, Detroit Gets Adult Supervision Before Buffalo, And Schroeder Dined Alone.

During New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Recent Visit To Buffalo, The Erie County Legislature Voted To Call For Repeal Of His Gun Control Law. If You Think He'll Forget That, You Don't Know Cuomo.

Sequestration Is Simple: It's The Automatic Cancellation Of Spending Across The Board If Certain Revenue Objectives Are Not Met. You'll Love It!

Unless You Are A Completely Partisan Hack, There's No Way You Can Look At Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard's Tenure As A Success. A Challenger From Wales Says He'll Reset Priorities.

What Do Rome, The Big Apple, Illinois, Georgia And Erie County Have In Common? A Spot On This Week's Friday Five!

The Erie County Legislature, Led By The Minority Caucus, Today Became The Largest County To Date To Vote For Repeal Of New York State's Safe Act.

As Politicsny.net First Reported On January 18th, M&t Bank Announced Today The Hiring Of Former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul As Vice President Of Government Relations. She Will Be Based In Buffalo.

Erie County Legislator Terry Mccracken Drew A Democrat Primary Opponent Today As Lancaster Financial Advisor Wes Moore Threw His Hat In The Ring And Opened Yet Another Front In A Factional War Troubling The Erie County Democrat Committee.

Sen. Pat Gallivan Thinks The Scaffold Law Is "burdensome" And Crying Out For Change. Unfortunately, His Reasons Don't Pass Muster To Alter This Vital Law.

Nothing Says Love Like The Friday Five! Plugging The Boss, The Bills Are Short On Cash, Tax Breaks For Felons, And What Happens When You Don't Spank.

The New York State Police Finally Gave Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs The Much Anticipated Firearms Privacy "opt-out" Form. Here's How To Get The Form, File It, And Stop The Media From Exposing Your Gun Ownership.

For Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Valentine's Day Might Best Be Spent Rounding Up The Girls, Getting Naked And Hiking Up His Black Socks.

Steve Jobs Wisely Said "the Television Networks Are In Business To Give People Exactly What They Want." So What Did I Want Tuesday Night? Comedy? Drama? A Game? A Documentary? I Wanted It All, So I Watched "the State Of The Union."

In Albany Tuesday, Buffalo Developer Carl Paladino Took Time To Drop By The Legislative Correspondents Association Office. While He Was There, The 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Visited Fred Dicker, State Editor Of The New York Post. And He Flipped Him Off.

Taking Aim At The Governor Andrew Cuomo's Recent Attempt At Gun Control, A Multipartisan Group Of Erie County Legislators Introduced A Bill Monday Calling On State Leaders To Repeal The Ny Safe Act. If The Measure Can Gain Enough Attention, It May Help Reset The Stage For This Debate.

I've Frequently Been Critical Of Carl Paladino, But On The Issue Of Schools, He's Right. Something Needs To Be Done. Paladino Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is, And People Are Hearing Him Roar. But Are They Listening?

Money May Be Changing Hands Today In The Legislative Correspondents Association Office In The New York State Capital, As The Political Press Could Be Busy Settling An Old Bet: How Long Will New York Post Political Editor Fred Dicker Be Cuomo's Cheerleader?

The New York State Independence Party Saturday Dissolved The Erie County Independence Party Unit Headed By Mary Rose Gaughan, Renewing A Directive That All Erie County Candidates Vying For The Indy Line Must Work With State Ip Leader Frank Mackay.

As People Flood The Super Markets In Frantic Search Of Milk, Cookies, Cheerios, And Olive Loaf To Ride Out The Latest Incoming World Ending Snow Storm, This Week's Edition Of Friday Five Features Influence, A Veil Lifted, The Casino Gamble, Complete Delusion, And Super Bowl Lessons.

Want To See An Example Of Downsizing Gone Bad? Visit Hamburg, New York. Voters There Pared The Elected Town Board Down From Four Members To Two In A Gambit To Save $20,000 Annually. One Year Into The Arrangement, The Politics Of The Place Are Putrid And Locals Are Wishing They Never Downsized.

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs Does Some Of His Best Work On Sundays. Or So It Would Seem, Since His 9:00 Morning Email Today Announced Another Vital Step To Protect The Privacy Of Local Gun Owners.

Rumor Mills, Pay Disparities, Downgrades And Baby Mommas Make Up This Week's Friday Five.

Dreams Are A Funny Thing. Some People Have Many; Some Have None. Some Are Memorable And Others Are Quickly Forgotten. Some Are Vivid And Clear Or Serve As A Path Toward Greater Purpose. Some Are Frightening. Some Just Don't Make Sense. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's Dream Falls Into The Latter Category.

A Remarkable Invoice Was Recently Brought To The Attention Of Newly Elected Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw. Strangely, The Building And Grounds Department Had Ordered A $4,000 80-inch Sharp Lcd Tv.

He's Baaack! 1/29/13
Buffalo Developer Carl Paladino Has Had Quite The Week. It Started On January 20th At The Buffalo Gun Rally. (or Perhaps It Was The Rally Against Governor Cuomo; It Was Really Hard To Tell.) Paladino Surrounded Himself With A Cast Of Characters, Some Even In Costume, Who Produced As Ridiculous An Assembly As I Have Ever Seen.

The Federal Judge Leaned Forward And Looked Intently At New York's Once Most Powerful Republican. "let Me Explain Somethin' To Ya Once, Mr. Bruno, And I Will Not Explain It Again: For Once In Your Life, You Don't Control Something, I Do."

On The Day He Returned From President Obama's Inauguration, Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner Released A Statement Announcing That County Judge Deborah Chimes Ruled Against The Challenge To The 2012 Reorganization Meeting That Saw Him Elected Chair.

This Week's Friday Five Includes 4 Solid Cases Of "did He/she Really Just Say That?" It's Awesome When People Just Provide Us Material That Is Pure Gold.

Before The Paint Was Dry On His New Office Nameplate, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw Took Fire For Hiring A Chief Of Staff From Political Ranks. Days Later, The Same Employee Resigned For An Undisclosed Dwi. This Was An Inauspicious Start For A New Comptroller Many Of Us Hoped Would Search For Taxpayers' Savings Like A Bull In A China Shop. Forget The Politics; Push Past The Bureaucrats. Break A Few Dishes If Necessary.

When I Woke Up On December 14, 2012, I Was A Very Pro-second Amendment Democrat. I Was Troubled By The Shooting Of Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords And The Other Mass Shootings At Virginia Tech And In Aurora, Colorado. Still, I Was Willing To Accept These As The Actions Of A Very Few Lunatics.

I Like Polling. Unlike Many, I Think Survey Research Is A Necessary Part Of The Political Process That Brings A Public Servant Closer To Constituents. I Agree With The Critics - There Are Times When An Elected Official Must Use Their Backbone And Do What Is Right By Going Against The Data. However, For The Most Part, If The Questions Are Properly Scripted To Deliver Unbiased Results, A Poll Will Normally Deliver An Accurate Representative Sample Of What District Voters Think.

On Saturday, Niagara Square Was The Home Of One Of The Most Remarkable Political Rallies I Have Seen In Recent Years. On Short Notice, Organizers Gathered A Sea Of Gun Rights Advocates To Decry The Passage Of Governor Andrew Cuomo's New Gun Control Law.

New York State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns Recently Kept A Campaign Promise And Voted Against Returning Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver As One Of The "three Men In A Room" Spending Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars Every Year. Unfortunately For Kearns, He Was Only One Of Two Democrats To Break Ranks And Oppose The Second Most Powerful Democrat In New York. Typically, Independent Thinking Representatives Who Cross The Speaker Face Stern Retribution. I Will Not List Examples, But If You Happen To See Former Democrat Assemblyman Mark J.f. Schroeder, He Might Be Able To Offer Insight Into Landing On The Wrong Side Of The Speaker.

As We Get This Web Site Rolling Again And Start To See What It Is People Actually Want To Read, I Thought I Would Try A Regular Column On Fridays Called "the Friday Five" - Just A Quick And Dirty Look At Five Things That Happened During The Week That Deserve A Little Recap. Here's The Inaugural Addition.

In Response To The Public Outcry Following The Buffalo News' Freedom Of Information (foi) Request Filed To Obtain The List Of All Registered Gun Owners In Erie County, New York, Politicsny.net Has Pledged To Publish The Names And Addresses Of The News' Reporters And Editors If The Newspaper Prints Any Names And Addresses Of Local Gun Owners.

Yesterday, Like Many Of You, I Read On This Site That Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli Was Approached To Challenge Sitting Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw. Lynn Would Be A Formidable Candidate. She Has Countywide Experience As Chair Of The Legislature Out Of The Red/green Fiasco, She Is Well Versed On County Issues And A Fierce Campaigner. Most Importantly, She Is A Woman. Her Resume Would Impress The Voters And Her Candidacy Could Scare Republicans, But It Likely Will Never Happen.

Wyoming County, New York Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places On The Planet. It's Really Quite Hard To Understand Why Some Of The Ugliest Politics Around Are Practiced In These Idyllic Hill And Hollers Southeast Of Buffalo.

I Didn't Really Know What To Expect When I Sat Down To Interview The New Chairman Of The Erie County Democratic Committee (ecdc). What I Found Was That Jeremy Zellner Is A Passionate, Focused, Intelligent Guy Who Wants Nothing More Than To Work To Elect Quality Democratic Candidates In Erie County.

Last Night An Abomination Occurred In The Halls Of New York State Government For Those That Love The Constitution And Have Great Respect For The Reality Of The Second Amendment. No, I Am Not Talking About The 63 Senators And 150 Assemblymen Who "swore" To God That They Would Uphold And Defend The Constitution Of Both The United States And New York State. Instead, I Am Referring To The Vast Majority Of Intelligent Americans That Fully Understand The Purpose Of The Second Amendment Wasn't To Protect Our Right To Procure Venison For Our Families To Get Us Through A Long Winter.

I Can't Help But Think That Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Would Like To Forget 2011. But, Rather Than Forget, I Sincerely Hope He Remembers It Well And Learns From It. The Candidate Who Charged To Victory Primarily With The Strong Support Of The Unions And With A Message That Focused On The Perceived Arrogance Of Former County Executive Chris Collins, Rather Than On County Finances, Quickly Found Out That Issues Do Matter And That A Delightful Personality Can Only You Carry One So Far.

In April 2011, A Friend Called Me With Truly Surprising News. "are You Okay?" He Asked, As If I Lay In A Hospital Bed. I Told Him I Was Fine And Wondered Why He Sounded So Worried. He Asked If I Was Upset Because A Local Web Site Had Written A Story Claiming I Was A Drug Addict And That I Was Extorting A Bribe Of Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars From A Local Politician. That Was My Introduction To Politicsny.net. I Had Heard Just A Bit About The Web Site And It's Putrid Purveyor, But I Had Never Bothered To Visit The Page. Needless To Say, I Visited The Site That Day And Was Stunned At What I Saw.

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