Updated: 11:00 AM ET February 2
Sen. Nozzolio retiring?

Albany insiders are telling PoliticsNY.net that Republican State Senatore Michael Nozzolio is set to announce his retirement. This comes one week after he was reappointed chairman of the state Senate's Budget Subcommittee for Public Protection, his office announced. Speculation is rampant, but there's a common phrase afoot: The Skelos Crime Family. 

Updated: 2:00 PM ET January 5
Franczyk Pulls the Plug

Sources tell PoliticsNY.net that Erie County Judge Thomas P. Franczyk will not enter the Democratic primary for Erie County District Attorney. This is bad news for Erie County Democratic Committee chairman Jeremy Zellner, who invested buckets of political capital in a Franczyk candidacy. When Zellner wanted to elect his own DA, Frank Sedita got the Democrat Party cross endorsement for New York Supreme Court and cleared the seat. To some surprise, instead of clerking for Sedita in his new post, First Assistant District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty Jr. declared his DA candidacy in September. Zellner boosted Judge Franczyk as the party choice - a longtime member of the DA's office, Franczyk always wanted to be the lead chair. Up until today he was expected to resign his office January 2nd and announce for the campaign. Instead, he pulled the plug.

Updated: 3:35 PM ET December 4
Mills not retiring, paperwork was an error

This statement just in from Erie County Legislature chairman John Mills:

"This afternoon a rumor appeared that I am retiring from the Legislature. This is completely false. Just yesterday I obtained the signatures of all of my legislative colleagues from both sides of the aisle to serve another term as Chairman of the Legislature. I am very much looking forward to continuing in that role and serving my constituents for another two years."

In fact, PoliticsNY.net was alerted earlier today to Mills' filing of retirement paperwork with the Erie County personnel office. As filed, his paperwork was dated after he would be sworn in for his new term as a legislator. As a result, his retirement would have created a vacancy and threw majority control back to the voters in 2016. Mills' Republican Party held on to that majority by a razor's edge in November elections and a special election to replace him would have strongly favored a Democrat.

In fact, Mills had zero intentions to vacate his seat in 2016. He intended to retire before he was sworn in for a new term and begin collecting 30 years of retirement pay along with his salary as a newly sworn-in County Legislator for 2016-2017. Realizing his mistake, the Chairman completely rescinded all paperwork and Erie County personnel contacted New York State retirement officers to make them aware.

He no longer is filing anything at all. 

Updated: 1:04 PM ET December 4
Mills Retiring from Erie County Legislature

BREAKING: Insiders are buzzing that the chairman of the Erie County Legislature, Republican John Mills, has filed his retirement papers with the county personnel department. This could lead to a big 2016 general election which will re-ignites the fight for majority control of the legislature. Stay tuned, we'll report more as this develops.

Updated: 1:00 PM ET November 17
Erie County Legislature sets Syrian* refugee hearing

Sources in the Erie County Legislature tell R&I that Legislator Joseph Lorigo clocked in a resolution yesterday calling for a hearing on the County's refugee relocation assistance operation. Sometime next week, the legislators will examine security measures involved in welcoming 300 Syrian* refugees due in the county in the months ahead.

* NOTE: The term "Syrian" in the current refugee context is a label which may or may not include ISIS fighters.

Updated: 11:00 AM ET November 17
Higgins will seek re-election in 2016

Contrary to a previously posted Rumor & Innuendo, U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins will not leave his Congressional seat and will run for reelection. This from his staff chief, Chuck Eaton:

"Rumor are part-and-parcel of local politics, but this one has no basis in fact. Rep. Higgins will run for re-election in 2016."

It certainly doesn't get more definitive than that. Higgins' retirement is the topic of the rumor mill in the run up to every election cycle. It's always about him taking a big job, usually about a higher ed gig. Two years ago, it was him joining Buff State. Last year it was Medaille College. This year, it's all about him landing at the helm of D'Youville College - and Eaton shut that down with aplomb.

Updated: 9:00 AM ET November 16
Higgins to leave Congress?

Seniormost political insiders are saying that Democrat Congressman Brian Higgins has decided to leave Congress and take a private sector position. Word has it the new job is local, solving the 10-year representative's pain-in-the-back travel challenges. 

Higgins is the U.S. Representative for New York's 26th congressional district, serving since 2005. The district, numbered as the 27th District from 2005 to 2013, includes Buffalo and Niagara Falls. He's popular across the political spectrum and in recent years has focused a great deal on downtown waterfront development. If this rumor is true, will his new gig take him deeper into the mechanics of Buffalo's renaissance?

UPDATE: Two sources claim Rep. Higgins will be appointed dean of a local higher education institution, allegedly D'Youville College. 

Updated: 12:01 AM ET September 12
Morton steals two lines via write-in?

PoliticsNY.net has heard from multiple sources that Erie County Democratic Committee leaders are deeply concerned, resigned that County Legislator Ted Morton gained both the Working Familes and Green Party lines on a write-in campaign Thursday night. While results won't be official until the full canvas late next week, Morton appears to now be firmly in the driver's seat on six lines to Democrat Deb Liegl's one. That's a mean feat for a guy who had a serious health scare just half a year ago. Even more remarkable: If Morton did succeed in his write-in, the GOP may have just clinched reelection of their County Legislature majority in November. 

Updated: 6:00 AM ET June 11
Herbert canned for crude comment

Sources tell PoliticsNY.net the Erie County Auto Bureau in the Rath Building is abuzz about the end of a short-lived clerk stint by perennial candidate Sam Herbert, who has been "let go" from a part-time job at the bureau following a rather bizarre episode.

Herbert, who has announced another run for Fillmore District Councilmember this year, was fired after a woman complained of inappropriate comments from the erstwhile candidate. What may have been a playful quip by Herbert, perhaps bucking up on his humor in preparation for this year's run against incumbent David Franczyk, backfired badly.
A woman approached Herbert's auto bureau window and, according to our giggling sources, she was, well, endowed with generous bosoms bursting out at the seams. As Herbert chatted up the gifted customer, he blurted out his absolute delight and asked the woman if he could write his telephone number on the her breasts. 
Needless to say, when the stunned woman complained to Herbert's supervisors, he was canned.
The irony, however, is that Herbert has written a lot over the years of his religious convictions, his distain for society's acceptance of gays and how political correctness and progressivism is against God's will. He often rails against the loss of "family values" in today's society. But somehow, offering to write your telephone number on a woman's bosoms is completely fine for Sam Herbert.
Updated: 9:15 PM ET June 4
Walter fundraiser packed

State Assemblyman Ray Walter, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate for Erie County Executive, held his first fundraiser Thursday night at Giancarlo's Restaurant in Williamsville. A packed house turned out to hear the challenger to incumbent Democrat Mark Poloncarz give an upbeat speech, decrying what he called a "dysfunctional county executive" who refuses to meet with legislative colleagues and delivers rocky county services. The room was a Who's Who of Republican and Conservative party officials. And, as nominating petitions hit the street this week, Walter promised a robust campaign in the months ahead.

Updated: 3:22 PM ET June 4
UPDATED Mazurek NOT granted immunity

Insiders who informed PoliticsNY.net that Democrat operative Kristy Mazurek was granted immunity from prosecution in the state and federal probe of the WNY Progressive Caucus were INCORRECT. Mazurek, represented by mega-lawyer Joel Daniels, was granted what prosecutors call "Queen for a Day" - status which gives a target immunity for an interview where she would not be prosecuted for anything she said as long as it is the truth.

Mazurek is a longtime ally of Steve Pigeon who is allegedly behind the PAC and purported to be the target of NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's investigation which now includes the US Attorney's office.

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